The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Taylor Quinn
Hey Patrick, You came to my school today, and I have to say that I was simply amazed. You combined nature, music, art, and pure thought into one HUGE project. I play the guitar and I love to draw on the side, so that assembly was perfect and got my full attention. It made me realize that there is so much one person can do in one lifetime, and how many other paths one can take with what they do best. You didn't just stop at one thing, you went on to complete many different "layers" of your project, creating a separate meaning all together. I had a baffled look on my face the whole way through, it was simply brilliant. To put so much work into one thing is really a wonderful thing, thank you for showing my classmates and I. I'm sure we all loved it. Thanks again, Taylor

Liz Saar
hey Mr. Dunning!~!~!~! im a student at c.w. goetz school ...u where there today... ur presentation wasssss AWESOME!!! i loved the music especially...n ur a rele cool guitarist. I hope u come back to our school for another show like that...again it was beyong awesome. sincerly, Elizabeth Saar <3(liz)

i thought your show today was awesome. it really showed me how cool art can be.

Toni nicosia
your assembly was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenn Watson =]
Hey. You came to my school today. Goetz M.S. your show was pretty darn cool, and i love the fact that youre from ireland. i think that this project is an amazing idea. GOOD LUCK !

joe and stan
we heard your music andit was cool. we really thought your project was tariffic hope you write back

Joseph F. Convery
Patrick; It was a real pleasure to have you at our school(CWGoetz Middle School) My students were amazed by your presentation.Thanks a million. Joe

Scott Yankee Bund
Yesterday, upon returning from your presentation, a student asked me, "Why does he do it?" "What's the point?" Without even thinking, answering emotionally, I asked him, "How many people do you know that get to have a job doing something they love?" "How many people do you know that hate their job?" We discussed it as a class and I think some were even a little envious of you. One of them said, "You do." I do love my job. It is just the right profession for me. I can tell from your enthusiasm that this is your love. It is your passion. Thank you for allowing me to sign it and be a part of it. Sincerely, Scott Yankee Bund Science teacher Candlewood Middle School

Oh my god i loved your show you rock!! ((i am in the goetz school the show was on tusday 5-2-05

I just saw your show like 5 mins ago i really liked it i might call your brother and talk to him!!! At Goetz Middle School.

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