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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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i think this is an awesome idea, i saw u at my school, come again!!

Hey, i just saw your presentation on March, 8th and I must saw, that was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Never before in my life have i seen so much meaning in my painting and i truely admire your work. Your are an exelent role-model With much sincerity Randy

Ashley Hanna
Oh my gosh Mr. Dunning your preformance was amazing! I loved it ... I think you are great<3

Yo Dude! Your off the changggg!

Rebecca Astorga
Hi Patrick, All I want to say is that i enjoyed your presentation at Branchburg Central Middle School in New Jersey. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!

Meriam Sawyer
Dear Patrick Today when you came and did the 6th grade in Branchburg Central Middle School, May 8th, 2006, I though honestly that it was the most amazing assembley that we have every had! You are the most creative, amazing, and most wonderful man I have ever meet! The ideas for every thing were wonderful and exiting! Every time you went to talk about somthing different I just sat there in amazment! Being in the front of the room gave me an advantage that made me love the presentation, project and every thing alot better! As I payed attention it really gave me a great love for creativity! The signature project is also the coolest thing that I have seen! The mores(corect me if I spelled it wrong)code was amzing as well as the "musical instroment" and the back of the square as well as the front of the signerture project! Please email me back! About anything! Your Friend, Meriam Sawyer!

Hi, I am a student from Branchburg Central Middle School (BCMS). You came to our school not that long ago. I liked your idea of signatures for a painting. One day I hope I will be able to write my own name on it. Thank You for visiting my school. One question. Did you really call your brother in Ireland or was the conversation pre-recorded? Thank for coming and I hope your picture comes out perfect.

Kristin Sullivan
I go to Branchburg Central Middle School in Branchburg. I saw your show today and I think its amazing that you are getting so many signatures to make a picture. You're a really cool guy =). --Kristin

Dan Deng
Good Day! I saw your presentation today at Central Middle School, NJ and I must say it was pretty good! I really wish I could of signed the project and would love to see a picture of it when you are done. But I'm guessing its going to take a while to complete. I do hope you come next year with different sections of the signature project.

suzanne Panettieri
Dear Mr. Dunning, I liked the part where the heart began to appear on your shirt. Also, I liked the part where you threw the heart on the board and it turned into a moon. Love, Joshua Dear Mr. Patrick Dunning, I liked your brother's music. I feel bad for your father. I like your art. I liked the show. PS, love Matthias Dear Mr. Dunning, I liked your painting. I liked your art made out of names. How old is your brother? Love, Evan Dear Mr. Dunning, I like your pictures. I liked that your brother calls you all the way to the United States. Your picture of your father and your pictures of the runway across the USA are great!

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