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Jessica Humenik
I was at Woodstown High School when you came to show us about the signature project. I thought it was so awesome. It'll be really cool when it's done. I loved the fact that there were so many different secrets within the blocks. I'm mostly Irish so it was really neat to hear the music. I loved the assembly keep up the cool shows!

Emily Duffield
simply stunning.

Rachel Sims
I thought that the assembly that you did today was amazing! Even if the kids in our school don't want to admit it I know it had to of spoken to them. I can't really put into words how that made me feel the only word that comes close is inspiring. I admire your passion and dedication to what you do and completely respect it! Thank you for coming!

Mie Lowe
YOOOOOOOOOO :) :) :) I am so happy that our PTA brought this program to our school. The children, parents, and teachers alike loved it!!!! There are soooo many feeling that you go through during the program. I really wish I could see him in a larger setting such as a stadium. I felt compasion, laughter, awe, I smiled, moved, grooved, and left the program with a feeling of utter joy to be a part of something so large. I will be telling everyone I know about this program and hope to see him elsewhere in Ocean & Monmouth counties. Completely excellent for any age group.

hey wats up? u were aswome 2day at woodstown middle school it was cool wit the motor cycle sounds and other stuff any way talk 2 u l8er

Bob Marley
dude you were awsome!!!!!!!!!

colton martucci
I was thrilled with your show that I saw when you came to my school. I also liked the way you made your father of morse code about a song. It made me re- think art.

Joni Sigars
The kids at Woodstown Middle School thought your program was awesome !!!!!! !!!! When asked by their parents, "what happened at school today?" they immediately told them about the program!!! (as a parent of one of the kids)....I must say, that is AWESOME!

Brett DePrince
HEY PATRICK!!!! All the work that you put into your work is magnificant. I never realized how just a couple hundred names of different colors could make such a beatuiful picture. I truly see what your trying to achieve and i fully support it.

Josh H.
hi mr. dunning that was amazing at woodstown middle school today i was especially amazed at the artwork you put into your dads picture. it warmed my heart. I also liked the Biker and the police chase every thing sounded so real. i wish that you come back in later years to show us another stage of the project when its completed. Sincerley, Josh H. P.S. I would love to know the light on your fingers trick. I spent half the assembly wondering how you did it.

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