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Renee Murray
hello patrick! i just saw your presentation at Woodstown High School and i thought it was amazing! your work of art is going to be a masterpeice that is admired for many years to come!! the fact that you are going from school to school and to different places allows you to share your passion with different people, and allow them to be part of the work of art. the peice has such deep meaning, like your father, the riverdance, the bread recipe, and many other things really bring out the true meaning of what your point is.

Matt Siderio
Hey, your presentation was awesome. All the stuff you are doing is awesome. Like everything, from the hidden body image to all the different hidden stuff etc. is totally AWESOME! Anyway i thought it was real inspiring and again just totally awesome and i cant wait to see the finished project, when everything is totally totally done. And cant wait to see any other new projects you will be doing in the future. Thanks man. 4-21-2006

Alex, Megan, Matthew
Dear Mr. Dunning, Your show was phenomenal. It was the best show that ever came to M.T.E.S. We haven't seen a great show like that. We're so lucky to have you at our school. We like how you put your picture as your father's face into morse code and turned it into your brother's song. I can't wait untill the whole picture is finished. Matt wanted to say that his middle name is Patrick and he's a big comic collector. Thanks

Alicia, Marissa, Brian, Colton
Dear Mr.Dunning, I loved your show. I think that your piece of art was Beautiful. Also I think you are so creative with your art and your father when you put him in morse code.Yooo! THANK YOU!

Breanna, Francesca, Austin
To Patrick Dunning, Your show was very good. I was amased by the show. Your talentents are wonderful.I thought your show was the best thing I ever saw. from Breanna,Francesca, and Austin

Molly Pankok
This project is a stroke of pure genius. It must have taken so long to think this all out, and get it to work, but I want to thank you for doing so. It is very inspirational to me, as i am sure it is to others. I had an idea about displaying it. You should take the seperate pieces and display them in different locations around the world, and then, after a certain amount of time passes, you can reunite the pieces. It would make it all the more special, and it would be sure to spark interest in minds around the world. They would ask, what is this? why is it here? So, then when the pieces are reuntied, there would many people to share it with. Thanks again for sharing this project with me. God Bless, Molly Pankok

Dylan, Brandon, Anthony
Dear Mr. Dunning i loved your show it was the best MTES has ever seen!!!!!! That was the greatest piece of art Ihave ever seen in my life. It was funny, sad and happy. This art seemed like life. I think that was nice how you tried to connect to your nephew and father. I really liked how installed the auto sound maker! thanks!

Christopher Elder
Hey thanks so much for inspiring me! You showed me a new way to look at life and the are truley a Brilliant artist....thank you so much for giving me the chance to be apart of history! Please keep intouch with me thanks so much! God Bless, Christopher Elder

Bill McDonald
Patrick you had visted my childrens' school in Bucks County PA last year. My wife and kids were both very taken with the signature project (my wife even signed!). She wanted to let you know that next time you are in the area you are welcome for a meal and a place to rest. Cheers.

every one loved it. How did you take that heart from the picture? Well I have to get back to web master befor I get in trouble or have to go back to class. See ya bye!

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