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Hey dude! How are u? I loved your show and artwork! E-mail me soon! P.S. PLEASE!!! can you put cassandra bodnar on your art work of names?(which I heard your working on) PLEASE!!!

cant tell
hey dude! Wats up man! How yah dooin man? Whats^ my homie G? Your art roxx! When my mom heard about the introduction,she would want to say... IT ROX MY SOX!

R. Cahill
In 30 years of teaching, this is one of the most outstanding presentations I've seen. Students and staff alike were fascinated and fully engaged.

hey, i am from manchester township elementry school and i thought you were GREAT!when i saw your show.i liked the part when you did the motor cycle speeding and you get pulled over by police. i loved your art.and the thing about your father it makes me remmeber my dads cuz she died to but in a younge age only 23 in a car accedent.

Kelsey Johnson
I think the show at whiting elementrey was so very cool! i liked the music and i think the project was soooo awsome. well have to go hope to see you next year From, Kelsey Johnson

I am a student at the elementry school that you did your assembly at. I realy liked it and I liked your picture also of all the names. I think that the idea for your bridge was excelent with the eye reflected off of it. My teacher said to us that we shuld ask you if you could put the names on your signature project.

Jeffry Rima
dear Patrick Dunning, I love the Signature Project and we thank you for coming to our school, Manchester Township Elementary school

i loved ur show that u proformed at MTES manchester NJ! AMERICA!!!

yooooooo was up my homey i liked your show alot i am 10 years old how is your signture project going riht me back i am still on the coumputer right me back now

I Loved your program today, it was awsome!!!!!!!! I truly think you are going to reach your goal if you keep on trying and I know you will! Thank you very very much for showing our school this, sincerly, Natalie Czak

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