The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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kyle A
I liked your affects at the show

Noa Merritt
YOOOOOOO!! homie g wats poppin. I loved your show at SAndSHore. keep on keepin on.Right back soon homie. P.S the class says hi

Dave Misener
Wow! In twenty-four years of assemblies, I have never seen such a thought provoking presentation. Bravo!

Max McVicar
Hi Mr.Dunning! Your show was great! Do you think your biiiiig project will be bigger than a school? Please write back. Your friend, Max

Dear Patrick Dunning, I really enjoyed the show. I love how you made your fathers face out of mores code. You made it seem like death wasn't such a bad journey. I like the way you take your imagination and sights that you see and create something inspiring. Thank you very much for coming to my school. Bye

Emily Lynn miller
You Rock

Akul Bahl
This Project is one of the best ones in the world! P.S:Your brother plays great irish music,I can't wait intil it's in the stores!

My son in Village school at Holmdel NJ had seen you 4/25. He is trying to find on this website the picture of your mom that you showed the kids. Which page is it? He insists that you've shown to him while you were there. But every page we went into here does not have tat photo.

Joie Bauman
Hi Patrick!I realy enjoyed your painting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annie Lee
Yoooooo.Hi Patrick!I enjoyed your show! I also liked your art! Why can't kids sign :(? It's not fair.Anyway bye!

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