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billy and kristina
cool show

hello,I am Maria i am from Midland and I -rland so is my godmother (her name is FionaFarrel).Your assembally was amazing.

Marshall LaPira
Patrick, My name is Marshall and I saw your show at Midland School Today. I realy enjoyed it. I'm Irish too! I also plan on becoming a different kind of artist, I want to become a silver smith. I'm 10 years old. How do you do it? I hope you respond. From, Marshall LaPira

I really liked the music that you played with your brother!I enjoyed the show.I hope you come back to Midland School soon!

Your show was the best and I really feel bad about your father.

Jayanth Ambat
Your presantation wasn't anywhere near good,great,fantastic.IT WAS ABOVE THAT!

Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hello.

I loved the show you did today. April 17 2006

Keith Swenk
I was at your presentation at Highland Middle School in Grand Rapids, Michigan last Thursday (we talked before the elementary show, I'm the guy that looks like Santa Claus!) and I am sorry that it has taken me so long to comment. I was searching for the right words to describe the feelings that I had sitting there listening to and watching you, and I can't find them. I was substitute teaching that day so I feel that a higher being meant for me to be there and am I glad I was. Now as I sit here at my computer listening to "Sailing to Philadelphia" the only words that come to mind is Thank You. Thank You for sharing a piece of yourself with those of us fortunate enough to be there that day to witness you and your project. You are an inspiration! Keith Swenk

Rachel Q. Bentall
I think your Art and Magic Tricks and stuff were awesome I just wish I could see that all over again because it was so cool my whole class said that it was sweet of you to put all of those people who died on that crashh on September,11 everyone thoght that was nice hope you all enjoyed this message.

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