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Bobby Osborn - 1st Grade, West Oakview
I enjoyed your show at Highlands Middle School. It was very good. We are going to make the soda bread tonight. Your picture is very awesome. My cousin is (a different)artist named Patrick Dunning, and his brother's name is Brian, too. Pretty crazy!

Catherine Chen
Your project is so awesome!It's so cool how the names blend together so nicely.

your show you did at highlands was so cool!! I bet you will sicseed in any thing you work hard at! I wish you and your family good luck!

i really liked your show. it was fun to go to i ennjoyed it.

hey im one of the people that was at highlands middle school i just wanted to say thank you so much for coming

Makenzie Hutchings
Thank you for coming to our school! I still don't understand how you can do it all? Thank you! Makenzie Hutchings North Oakview Northview Public Schools Grand Rapids, Michigan

Jessica T
Hey . I am from Highlands school . The school that you were at Thursday . I had a lot of fun learning . Thanks

Caroline Davies
My name is Caroline Davies, and I am a teacher at North Oakview Elementary School in the Northview School District in Grand Rapids, MI. You presented to our students at Highlands Middle School on Thursday, April 13. I was amazed and intrigued by your presentation! I felt honored when you allowed the adults to add their signatures to your artwork...and you allowed me to sign my name under my mom's name, another teacher, which was very special to both of us. Thank you for that opportunity! What was most important, however, was a small interaction you had with one of my students, Chrissy. Chrissy is a loving and unique young lady, and is incredibly visual and loves art. Chrissy has some very special needs, academically, socially and emotionally. Her father passed away at the end of last school year, and she has had difficulty processing it. She very rarely speaks about it, and has trouble reaching out and connecting to others. At the end, she made a comment to you ... "I

Jessi Boyce
i think that the assembly at highlands Middle school was really cool. It would be even better if you could put my name on the square. sincerly Jessi Boyce

Hi Patrick, I saw your show on 4/13/06. I think I figured out how you did the glowing heart in your hand. Every time before you did it you stuck your hand in your pocket. Then you would grab it out and make it glow. Am I right? Plese post this on the internent like you did with the other kids. If you can I would like if I, Audrey could be part of your show? Plese write back!!! Your friend, Audrey

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