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Janie Thompson
Hi Patrick, I go to Nativity Parish School,and I lloovveedd all your projects!What you did to the bridge was so amazing!I also loved how you hid things with special paint!What you did to your fathers portrate was also very cool.I love big art projects as well!I hope your project goes well! L O V E, Janie Thompson

Esther Nelson
Hi Patrick, I think the show you did today was magnificent!! that must have taken you at least a year to plan just the show!! also the whole project thing was soo wonderfull!! its a awesome thing that your doing!! Good luck!! God bless!!

Madison Robins
Dear Patrick Hi I am a girl from Helmers and I wanted to tell you that you are a good person and drawer. Sincerly, Madison.

Bob Baskette
Patrick, I attended the MPI luncheon and was so excited to hear and see your project. And, especially happy to have become a part of it. I admire your patience in watching it come to life. It becomes something new every time someone signs it. Odd as it seems I kept thinking Patrick needs to keep healthy and not take un-necessary risks so he can see the end result in 10 more years. So keep drinking Guiness and eating that soup your Mom makes. I am looking forward to hearing, seeing, tasting and feeling the completed masterpiece. Thank you for such a great contribution.

Patti Haye
I truly enjoyed your spectacular project tonight at Spring Creek Elementary. Your photography and artistic creations are beautiful. Thank you for allowing me to sign my name. Thanks for this evening.

Courtney Harney
I liked your show it was highly educational I was mad I didn't get to sign. I'm from Elko,Nevada. But, the pitctures you made like the eye was awsome. Se ya later. :)

I just saw your performance at the Union County Magnet High School, and I thought it was incredible. Your presentation was fascinating, and I was blown away by your creativity. I just wish I could have added my signature to the project!

hi patrick.i am from the greenfield middle school.i really enjoyed your show.i think it was very interesting.i like how you painted the half an eye on a big curtin and it reflected in the water.that was really cool.i hope to the signature project sign it someday.i also hope you will show my email on your next show.10/22/04

Nancy OKeefe Granger school
Thank you for the wonderful show.Yooooo we loved it. Miss OKeefe's first grade class

kayla russo
Mr.Dunning I engoyed your show today and so did my teacher Mr.Cuddi. some day i want to know how to do that and how you got so many people to sign your picture. that was nice that you let the staff sign you picture. that was nice that you put your dad in the picture after he died. also, i liked how you put your brother in the show bye kayla russo

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