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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Alexis Lundy
Hi patrick, I am from NAtivity. I was there at your presentaition today(oct.4,2004) I loved it. The main reason that I came on was because of the Irish Soda Bread. YUM!!!!!!! anyway if you could please email me back soon with a picture of your project that would be great. thanks again. - TOODLES-

I really enjoyed your presentation at my school. PS: I am gonig to bake a batch of soda bread. thanx for everything

Kathryn Finsness
Dear Patrick, I really liked your show today. It was very fascinating. I especially like the part where you showed us the morse code on your fathers face. It was really cool how you made it into a song. I went across the bridge where you have to pay a penny when I went to Dublin,Ireland. It is a very beautiful place. From,

Dear Patrick, thanks for coming to the ellis school today. i am a third Grader there and I really enjoyed it.thanks again.

Dane Bluestone
I like you and your brother's music. It made me feel good that you could come to our school. I really like all your art pieces and the guy who was a genius was really smart. I think that you should come to our school more often and I like how you did your father's face in red because that can be a man's favorite color. I'm glad that you could come. 11-4-03. My teacher signed her name on your project.

I was at the Miami Civic Center when you did your presentation. I thought it was really great and I would like to recieve more information on the CD-ROM that you will be selling in the near future!!!

Joey Ansreozzi
Your show was great. I can't wait to see the project all done. You are the cooliest person ever. I loved the moterciycle part. You are really good at that. I loved your dads face. It was cool. I also liked the part where you took a piece of your heart out. You are also very funny. And I like that too.

Steven Lowder
youre show at Santa Clarita Elementary School was Awesome Thanks for the soda bread recipe cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Dude, when you came to American falls was great. I loved the music! Probally cuz, I'm Irish also!!!! Please come again?!?!

dear patrick, I really liked your assembly at my school (kitayama). signed, owais p.s. can you put my name on The Singiture Project owais sarfaraz

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