The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Patrick Dunning your signature project was amazing.When I first saw your art work it was phenomenal. Mostly I enjoyed when you used the Theremin,to play a motorcycle getting puled over by the police. I hope I see you soon

I really loved your performance.By the way how did you do the thing when you threw the light? How long did it take for you to get the theremin perfect?

Alex Goroway
Hi my name is Alex I go to Rutgers Prep the school you did a show at yesterday I really liked your show it was really good!I really liked when you waved the light over the picture and you saw the other picture. I also really liked when you took the x-ray and you say a different picture. I also really liked how you put the mores code in the picture to. But what I liked the most was the theremin.

Anya Wildgoose
Your presentation about the Signature Project was so amazing! Your idea is so creative ! Your project is not just one painting,it is a whole lot of paintings in one.Thank you for coming to RPS.

I really, really loved your show. As soon as I got home I told my mom all about it. My mom was really into it. I told my mom about the lights and the show that's in New York. I wish I could see the show every year, that's how much I loved it. My favorite part was the Ha'penny Bridge and the wonderful eye that you hung from it. I hope I get to see you again! When the picture is released if you look in the crowd you might just see me screaming with excitement!

Hello Pat I really liked your show and I was really dazzled by how you got the exact measurement of the Ha'penny Bridge you put the eye on.

I liked that you told a story with your presentation and showed us some of your art work. It was really enjoyable to watch.

I loved how you never quit on doing this project and that you never gave up! I hope you finish it soon if you do finish it in a lifetime it will become great art, and very nice because you drew it with names not just a paint brush and that is the great part about it.

Ava Ballard
Your performance was amazing. I loved all of your energy and confidence. I really hope who come back!

That was the best assembly ever!!! I hope the signature project gets finished soon. It was truly amazing to be part of this wonderful project that you have created.

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