The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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I just saw your presentation at the closing day of an enviromental conference in Seattle. I sat near the edge so I could leave early, expecting a typically boring presetation. I was GLUED TO MY SEAT, as was everyone else in the audience. I was moved and awed by the Signature Project on so may levels. Art and music almost always interest me, but technology never and here the combination was thrilling! When they announced that 20 people were going to be able to sign the project, I was hoping like a little kid I would get lucky and I did!!! I am thrilled to know I am a little part of this. Thank you. Sheila

Stef Johnson
I recently saw the show and I absolutely love the concept for this project. What a beautiful tapestry of life and the human spirit. Truly one of the most remarkable works of modern art I have witnessed.

Phil Wentz
I saw your performance this noon in Portland, Oregon. Sublime comes to mind to describe what I witnessed. No that isn't right, it was an experience, and I felt like a participant. Your combination of performance, visual arts, auditory experience had me enthralled. The majesty of connections, the mysticism of unity all combined to keep me mesmerized. Thank you.

Terri Ano
The show was the most amazing thing I've ever seen! When I left the three day conference it was the only thing I could talk about. Everything else paled in comparison. The talent and dedication of this incredible artist have produced a monumental work of art! I look forward to following the project as it is completed. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Rufina Felicetti
Thank you for the presentation that you did on Feb. 9th in Hatch, NM. I am a kindergarten teacher and my students loved all the special effect and the music. I enjoyed everything about your presentation and hearing you speak about life and your family. I hope to one day travel to Ireland and visit all the wonderful amazing cites. Again, thank you! I feel very priveleged to be one on the many people to have signed your artwork and to share it with my own children.

Hi Patrick! I was one of the many teachers from Mariposa Elementary in Redlands, California who attended your show today. I realize I expressed how fantastic your show was when I talked to you afterwards, I just wanted to let you know how moved I was - I couldn't wait to tell my 19 year old son about it. I'm still overwhelmed by your use of technology, art, music, but probably most important, the human spirit. I could have listened to you for another hour! The teachers and students couldn't talk about your presentation enough - it was the best assembly I've ever seen in my eleven years at the school.Even though you said your brother was the genius (and by listening to his music I agree) and you just know how to fake it, I know that you are also truly a genius. Good luck in your endeavor. I plan on keeping track of your progress especially since my signature is part of this incredible piece of art. Thank you for touching the lives of so many people. Lynette Vargyas Ma

Bob Farnus
Dunning's multimedia presentation was absolutely incredible. There was so much depth layered in a way that challenged the hearts and minds of students and adults alike. This experience was very professionally presented and had everyone spellbound. Hands down, this assembly ranks in the top two of all presentations that I have seen in the last 28 years of teaching at the elementary level!

Marian Breslin
My 3 sons and I had very full hearts after experiencing your show. It was especially enriching to the eldest, who has broad interests in art, music, and literature but "hates" technology. He's been persuaded by your masterful example of the integration of these elements, as well as deeply encouraged that life as an artist is feasible. Bravo!

susan barthel
saw your presentation at the oregon watershed enhancment board conference in ashland oregon- it was a treat of the highest order- inspiring, suprising, moving, ingenious,and best of all- provoking on many levels simultaneously. Thanks for showing that a creative life- through images, music, homage, technology and the simple gesture of asking and giving -is possible

Jessina McEntire
Patrick, I just returned from seeing your presentation and would just like to say "thank-you!" You truly are inspiring. The thought and emotion you have put into your work not only influences those you meet, but also inspires them. I look forward to seeing your project when it is completed, I will forever be touched by your insight into human emotion through phenomenal artwork. Thank you again for an amazing presentation! Jessina McEntire 7th Grade Teacher William Thomas Middle School American Falls, Idaho

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