The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Eliot Pierpont
OMG!! Mr. Dunning, i was at Saxe Middle School today. Everything was so very awesome. I loved everything so much. Your ideas are so interesting and cool. I going to get your CD because you are so cool! You are a genius!! Rock on! PS love your cat!!! so cute!!

this project is amazing... i still cannot believe the ammount of accomplishment that will be felt when the project is completed. the show was amazing and i know all of the kids loved it because i am one.

I am A student you showed and this is so cool! Good idea!

this is soo awesime

Raven Killinger middle school sudent
Oh my you came to my school on 10/8 and showed me anything can happn and could happen i am so inspired to do anything and i love how you inquired you father i loved the song and the pixture of your dad please note that you should not give up even through tough times

Greg Macedo
Thank you for sharing your work with our students today. Thank you for inviting those students and staff that were able to contribute their signatures as representatives of our school.

Ñïàñèáî! Áóäó òåïåðü çàõîäèòü íà ýòîò áëîã êàæäûé äåíü!

OMG PATRICK!!! That was the best assembly in the world thank you for sharing that with Bond Mill Elementary School.We are all wishing you the best of luck on the project!!

Hi. today you visited my school in N.J. I loved it! You explained it well and you are a great artist. Good Luck on your project!

Hannah Gross
Hi, You visted my school(South Mountain Elementry)today and i thought your performance was amazing.I really want to sign it!Bye. Sincerely, Hannah Gross

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