The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Patrick, im from River Grove Elementary and i dont think you should put your wonderful project into a box formation uyou should lay it out in some world wide known place maybe in your home town Dubland , IR . you should put it by the bride but thats just me.

You rock I love the blues like you. You came to River Grove Elm. Today You Were Such A Great Inspiration.

Sydney Patterson
(January 28,2009) Hi i'm Sydney i'm 9 years old.I saw your show today at River Grove Elementrey (Lake Oswego,Oregon) and i thought it was SO FUN!!!!!!! you are AMAZING.You'r funny,thoughtful and a very good roll model,and if i had a choice i would want you to come once a year. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) Patterson

Mr.Dunning Thankyou SO much for comming 2 River Grove Elementry I am a student and 1 of the girls who asked 4 your signiture after school and I just wanted 2 say thank you 4 comming! I LOVE music and art and you are a true inspireation!! THANKS LOVE, Abby Hope

River Grove Student

dear patrick, one year you visited my school and showed us part of the project and actually let some of the students, and all of the teachers sign it. but sadly i wasnt one of hte students that got to sign it, so if you ever go to another school, let all the students sign it becuase everyone else in my class was very upset. but over all this project is so cool and its great what your doing to art.

Lake Stevens
thank you for coming to our school, your presentation was awesome and being a part of the project is a pleasure.

im one of the kids from LakeStevens High School. your presentation of the Signature Project was amazing. good luck with project.

dalton roberts
Dear Mr. Patrick Dunning, you were so far beyond amazing at my assembly(january 16,2009). it was the most incredible thing i've ever seen in my life, no joke. The eye on the bridge, the bird and the moon, the earth, the galaxy, the stars, the music, the photo of your father, the 43, heart in the middle of the picture. I clearl understood the message you were sending to all of us. I hope that you finish your project and show it to the world. -Dalton Roberts(the guy who sneezed in the beginning of the assembly)

Nakei Done
I go to lake stevens high school. todays (1/16/09) preformance was amazing. you are an extrodinary painter. I loved your work, the only thing is that i wish i could have had the chance to be one of those thousands of names on that panel, but i didn't get to sign my name. Thank you for coming to our school and giving that inspiring demonstration. I have been on that submarine at omsi in portland (my home town) before.

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