The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Sam Hanson
Yesterday Patrick Dunning came to our elementary school K-6. It was the best Assembly/Performance I have ever seen at a school site. The Art and Music were incredible and the technology added to the excitement. Visually and auditorially fantastic. I am fascinated by the depth and breadth of this project. It seems as though it could go on for years and years. Thanks for coming and I would love to see it again! My third graders were blown away and they would all love to sign your project.

Larry Cassity
I never thought my signature was anything special until I signed your canvas. What a wonderful and inspiring presentation that puts everyday things into perspective. Thank you Patrick. Larry Cassity - Seattle, WA

Tara Matlock
Hi Patrick! I am a student from an Oklahoman high school that you visited on May 9, 2003. I was simply awed by your art. So many of the wonderful things you revealed about this art piece literally gave me chills. I admire you very much for all the wonderful and hard work you've put into this dream come true. I myself am a lover of art and am usually always found sitting on the floor of my bedroom with an art pad and millions of pencils and colors, drawing what lay in my imagination. I recently have started a drawing of Siberian husky breed dogs running wild in the blue mountains during a cloudless and starless night. I haven't been doing to well on it, because I am working with colored chalk and am having trouble getting it the way I want it. I was about to give up on my drawing, but when I saw all the work that you've been doing for years, I'm going to keep going on my drawing and make it better than what I myself hoped for. Thank you!

Fran McCarthy
I stood in the back of the gym and watched Patrick's presentation to our elementary aged children. Each and every one of them were captivated the entire time. Our children come away with a much broader definition of creativity and art; something that we as teachers, administrators, and parents strive to understand ourselves. The children and adults alike are better for viewing this presentation. Thank you, Patrick and to our PTSA who brought you to our school! Fran McCarthy, Assistant Principal, Marysville, WA

Nicole Tonks
My husband works for the school district in Driggs, Idaho. He watched your first presentation and called me to go watch your second presentation. I envy your creativity and talent. Thank you for sharing such beautiful art with us.

Jara Popelkova
I have seen the presentation at the Assembly at Lakeside Middle school. It was nice to see, how captivated the kids were, though, usually, their attention span doesn't last too long. Wonderful, and thought provoking for adults also. Real "feel good" atmosphere. Nice to experience the Irish charm. Thanks.

Amber Prewett
This piece is absolutely amazing. Never before have I seen something so completely involved with the beauty and wonder of life. The project is absolutely incredible. I cannot wait till the project complete.

Kathryn Garrison
Mr. Dunning, Thank you for returning to Monroe, WA with another fantastic presentation of "The signature project." The students, instructors and volunteers at Kids Create ALL enjoyed seeing your creative talents in music, art and technology. The volunteers who signed were thrilled (and honored)to be part of this awesome project. One student summed up your presentation perfectly: "It rocked with coolness!" Thanks for making the trip up and for inspiring our students to "reach for the stars" with their own creativity. Sincerely, Kathryn Garrison Kids Create Conference Coordinator

Dear Patrick, My 2 children attend and I work, at Bay View school. I had the unique opportunity to see your show and the many faces of the surrounding staff and children while they watched in awe. WOW! It was such an exciting presentation, layered art with immense depth and soul. You have touched and shared with so many people on your journey. Yours was truely on of the best assemblies we have had. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself through art.

Thomas Munyon
It was an exhilarating experience to see the signature project at my grandson's school, Frank Love Elementary in Bothell, WA. I have been painting since I was eleven, but I get into periods when it seems that it is just the same thing over and over. It really fires my imagination to see what other directions artists have gone and are going. I hope to draw from this and bring life back into my own art. This is monumental work that is still on a human scale. The individual signatures tie all humanity together.

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