The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Becky Britton
I loved your assembly!I've been in the teaching profession for over seventeen years and I have to say that this was one of the best assemblies ever. All the students loved it. They were captivated the entire time. It made you laugh and made you feel sad. What a brilliant man to have such a creative mind to even think of the things he has done. I think all the schools should take advantage of this awsome assembly. Everyone leaves with a different perspective. All with smiles, all thinking about what they have just seen , heard, and felt. I feel honored to have signed my signature. Thank you so much for sharing with us. The assembly was wonderful and I'll be always looking to see what's next in the signature project. Becky Britton, Lake Stevens, Washington.

Kim Wagner
I attended your assembly on October 8, 2002, in Lake Stevens, WA. You have inspired many children as well as adults. I was very touched by all of the time and energy you have spent making such a significant piece of art. You bring the world closer together. Thank you for the experience!! AMAZING!!

Laurie Schreiber
The Signature Project Assembly is fantastic. I was impressed by the integration of technology, art, music,and performance but most of all I loved the message of life, peace and diversity. What a wonderful counterbalance to fear of differences, terror and war. Communities everywhere could benefit from the inspiration provided by this project!

Alysha Bush
I think your project is amazing, i felt it was such an honor to sign my name on this project! I cant wait to see what it looks like when your finished and how many signatures will be on it. After seeing your wonderful presintation I think it made people look at art in such a different way. I think the best part of this project is how you wrote all the different names of the people of 9-11, that was such a respectfull thing to do. its just amazing how talented you are and i'm so glad to be part of it! thank you. (p.s. im the girl that had the flower in my hair at White Brook Middle School in Easthampton, Mass.)

Lena Jane Erickson Childress
That made me feel like a whole new person.Thank you [you just where at our school Laurelhurst school] Portland Oregon

Debbi Blanchard
Patrick~ :) WOW!!! You are totally amazing! I just got to see your project presentation & I feel so blessed to be a part of it. It was a perfect ending to my day. Being Irish myself, I could have listened to you for hours. This awesome peice of art is a wonderful legacy of life, diversity, and demonstration of human spirit. Thank you for all your hard work. You are an inspiration to us all! I will share your website with everyone I know! P.S.- I can't wait to buy the music CD!

Sue Lyons
I saw your presentation on 10-13-03 durring a work seminar. I was in awe of the compassion you had for both art and the human spirit. I and many of my coworkers signed your project but we never did know just where the project would be displayed in 2012. Can you please give us some insight as to the location in which we might be able to view this incredible wonderful work of art? Sue Lyons Oregon Telco Community Credit Union

Jeannine Tune
I found your presentation to inspire me and those around me. The music, pictures and the beauty of what you have done is outstanding. I hope many more can see it, I will pass it along. I was part of the Oregon Telco group you spoke to today. I am of Irish harritage I was moved. thank you

Karen Durant
Dear Mr. Dunning, I attended the NHRMA conference in Tacoma and was inspired by and in awe of your fabulous project and your obvious genious status. I so wish that my husband and my 4 year old son could see your wonderful presentation!! I tried to explain how amazing your project and presentation was (I am not easily impressed)but I am afraid that I could not do it justice. I was really hoping to win one of the 20 signature spots. Is it possible to find out locations where you would be presenting your show so that I could bring my family? I would like them to see what has newly inspired me. As a side note, if I had a lot of money I would like to hire you to come to my son's kindergarten class so that not only could I watch your amazing presentation again, but also so I could see their reactions to your incredible performance and art. Thank you for such an outstanding contribution to art and a fabulous presentation. Thank you again Karen Durant

Molly Crocker
The signature project presentation was fabulous what a wonderful inspiring vision you have thank you for sharing it with us!!!!! (Molly Crocker Art teacher St. Joseph School Seattle)

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