The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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You are awesome you can do cool thing

Yesterday you visted my school in Bellevue,Ne! You were amazing and talented! It was awesome when we got to talk to your brother on the phone,and when you threw the heart to light up your dads picture!!!WOW!!! I want to see your show again! I had one question...why are you going to put the Signature Project in boxes instead of showing it to the world? in the ^th grade at Central Elem.!

Shyla M.
Dear Patrick Dunning, thanks for coming to Trails West Elementary. It was SOOO FUN having you there!!!!!! Shyla

you are awesome you came to my school today in bellevue NE you are cool

I love your art! You came to Trails West a couple of days ago! I thought it was so neat and I also loved your "Irish Eye." I think what your doing is AWSOME!!!!!! But where should I go if I want to sign it?

you were the best if any body ask me when the best day of my life was id say today it was sosososososo cool -toni

miriya jones
I'm from Belleaire Elemlntry. I loved your show and project. It was one of the most amazing thing I have ever been to in my little time I'ev lifed.

Dear Patrick, I am sending this letter from Bellaire Elementary School.I loved your Project that you showed us.I got that recipe of the "Irish Soda Bread" I can't wait until my family and I try it.I know I will love it. Can you send me more recipes when you get this letter?

anieyah tate
I love your work came to see you this moning I love you and your brother if I was a little bit older I would marry you in a haert bet I hope to see you soon :)

Ali Matthews
I am writeing from Belleaire Elementry. I loved your project!It was amazing.Do you know how many schools you've presented this to?

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