The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Thank you so much for visiting Bellevue, Nebraska, today! We loved your presentation!

maddie keever
i think what you are doing is a great idea!

Cameron and Samantha
HI your presentation at walnut hills elementary (in Colorado) we are inspired to do what we want when we grow up!!!!!!! thank you so much for showing us your art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from fith graders Cameron and Samantha

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Manning J. Mann
You came to Zach Elementary today (9/16) and I enjoyed your video on The Signature Project. Thank you for coming! Manning J. Mann 2nd Grade

tristen heilbrun
hi today is september 16,2008. today you visited our school Zach and you were the best gey ever to visit our school and i hop we can get to know eachother and you can send me your pictures of your stuff ps: YOU ROCK

Abigail Meyer
Dear Mr. Dunning, I LOVED the assembly today. I wish I was that good at art. I also know that all Zach loved it too. I bet the Signature Project will be GREAT when it's finished!

Mollie Beck
Your project is so amazing. I love your cat. I liked your picture of your father. You are very very nice. I hope your project turns out good. Thank you for coming to Zach Elemtary. Mollie

collin aslor
You came to Zach Elementary today and I thought your project was amazing. Your painting made me almost cry and your brother's music. i can do some step dancing it is very fun. I have always wanted to go to Ireland, what is it like? Collin Age 9

Mykaila Blumhardt
Today at school, I watched the presentation of this incredible work of art. It was truly the most amazing thing that I have ever seen in my life! I hope that I can amount to something even a little bit close to this accomplishment. I really enjoyed the music and special effects. All of the teachers at my school(Zach Elementary) signed it and I was so envious of them. I really would have liked to sign it. Overall, it was the best thing I have ever seen in my young life!!

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