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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Belinda & Tom Pavek / Sidney,MT
Dear Mr. Dunning, Your Signature Project was OutStanding!! The Kids in our last class were still talking about how they we touched by your proformance, especially your Blues Song! Brought home your 2nd Edition CD and We Love the FEEL of the whole Signature Project! Just one word to sum it up and that is PUR-R-RFect!! Thanks for the Enlightingment! From, Sidney Middle School Sidney Montana

hi im one of the kids at medina elemantry and i would like to say your signature project is awsome and loved the song you and your brother did!

Jessica Croom
Hello Mr.Dunning I have previously just searched your page from my friend that gave me the website you went to her school a few years back in 4th grade? At Hatch Valley Elementry I presume. Well, I have seen what you have done and I am truly astonished at how cleverly you put the mix between technology and artistic relations together forming such a beautiful sight. You truly are a geniues that deserves to be celebrated I only hope that one day I can make a creation such as yours. Thank you for the oppertunity to experiance such a wonder of excitment. If you could ever take the time to come to my school Picacho Middle school in Las Cruces, New Mexico that would be fantastic. Are schools magnet is based on dance,art, & theater so im sure we would all appreciate it. But if you can not please e-mail me at just explaing the situationg that would be great.

Nice site!

Tj Archer
Yet again amazing! I can't wait until i have my own kids and grandkids and can hold up my copy of the signature project and tell them that you are the most wonderful artist in the world, and that i was a part in making this wonderful piece of art, by signing my name and hope that someday that meet someone that makes such a good influence on them as you did to me. Thank You So Much! I went to your presentation in 4th grade and am now in 7th and still remember all the little details. I love what you are doing here. Tj Archer Hatch Valley Middle School (Hatch, NM) And Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tj Archer
Dear Patrick, WOW! Amazing, I am currently a 7th grade student at Hatch Valley Middle School, (Hatch, NM), and came to your presentation when i was in 2nd grade (Garfield Elementary School) Garfield, NM, and i still remember every little detail of your "message". I was wondering if we will ever be able to find exactly where our names are, it would be amazing if we could eventually. I am very honored to have been able to sign THE SIGNATURE PROJECT, and look forward to the finished project. I only wish that someday I will be able to bring creativeness, talent, and a wonderful message to a piece of art as well as you have to THE SIGNATURE PROJECT. Thank you from all of Hatch. All my best wishes to you, Tj Archer.

hi how r u im from ireland and im a dancean irish dancer

Logan Skyler Duckett
Dear, Patrick you came to pleasant hill middle school during my first semester this year in 8th grade I enjoyed every moment of your presentation the meaning of it grabbed my attention and made me feel and think of things I would have never experienced in my life if it was not for you. You were an inspiration to many of the students and I cannot express enough of what the presentation did for me. I also enjoyed the fact that even though I was not picked to sign. It was cool that since I was a leadershi student you let us all sign it after the presentation when we cleaned up and I cannot wait for the finished project. Sincerely, Logan duckett

Debbie Bratberg
Patrick, I had the honor of signing The Signature Project at Windsor Creek Elementary School last week. Our second and third students were enthralled and so were the teachers. I am at a loss trying to explain clearly what I saw except WOW! Thank you.

Jonathan Yeee
Dear Patrick, Your idea of this painting so amazing. You cam to my school to show us this and I can't belive it took 16 years to make those three parts! It's so great and I can't wait until one day I could sign it. You're so amazing and you have great talent. Your story is very amazing and everthing you do! YOU REALLY INSPIRE ME.

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