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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Chris McConnell
Hey Patrick, I am from Portland, Oregon as well. I go to Lewis-Clark State College where you recently did a performance. Just wanted to say it was excellent and good luck with it's completion. I would love to get a chance to sign it sometime.

I love what you did at the asimbaly at garden school. It was awsome.My favort part is when you talk about your dad and how you made a code for a recipe and a song your brother wrote. thanks Denise

Hi Patrick, I am from Bishops Peak and teach and I am a sixth grader. Your show was absoulutly amazing yesterday! I hope you the best

jennifer arce
hi, i'm jennifer i am a 6grader from garden i really like your signature project that was so awesome

Shanna Bedesem
i saw your assembly at bishops peak today. i thought it was sweet you included your family so much. oh and i dont think your "phone call" to your brother was real i think you recorded him then played it. i really really want to sign the signature project so can you please tell me when i can and where because this is something i HAVE TO DO. a fan of your work, Shanna Bedesem

Marysol Barajas
Hi I like your music very much.And thank you for coming to Oakley School.I hope you can come and visit us again.I liked your project of writing everybodies names on each picture.The ones that you showed us. Well it was nice writing to you.

jessica cruz
how are you doing? you may not know me. how old u are u

Leonor Hernandez
I loved your musice so much.My wish is to have all your musice.

mi nombre es Margarita y usted vino a nuestra escuela Oakley y me gusto lo que iso en la escuela todo fue bonito.

Your presantaition was excellent.I really loved your brothers music it was great.Ive never heard the blues play. Now i heard their music i like how they play.Ireally liked what you did with the bridge and how it turned to an eye anyways i liked everything.

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Home Comments Booking Info. Off-Broadway 2018 Tickets