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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Chloe Chang
Hi, I really enjoyed the show you performed today!You came to my school Asher Holmes and I'm not he first graders!!Im a fifth grader.My grandfather is irish and he loves beer.ha ha.My grandfathers younger brother is also named Brian!Wow,Brian must be a popluar irish name.But I can't wait until the project is done!!

Kaylee Brennan
Hi! That was the best! It made me feel... all dreamy. I totally loved it when you came to our school. I wished I signed. It wasn't just art... it was the magic of life. I'll never forget that. Best and good wishes, Kaylee

Samantha Gutman
Hi patrick. I'm from Asher Holmes and your presentation was amazing. It was one of my favorite assemblies. I really took your message into consideration. One day id like to make something similar to what you made. But of course yours would be a whole lot better and I wouldn't have the same picture.

Hi Mr. Dunning- I saw your show at my school! I loved it!!! I thought it was my favorite assembly I have ever had in my life. You are AMAZING!! I really want to buy your CD because I think that you and your brother's music is so amazing. I think that it is so peaceful! you have really inspired me to follow my dreams and achieve my goals in life. I hope all is well!!

Bethany Reilly
Patrick, I am a student at Cold Spring Elementary in Doylestown, PA. You came to our school today, and I thought your Signiture Project was so amazing. One of the things that really touched me was how you painted a portrait of your father in morse code, which also translated into a song that your brother wrote. Your painting was really inspiring, and I'm sure it touched everyone who saw it. You're an amazing artist!

Jamie Talecki
Hi Mr. Dunning, I am from Cold Spring Elementry, and i just wanted to say that i really enjoyed your show, i thought that it showed so much, how the world isn't taking life one step at a time. That we, as people, need to really appreciate life, since we only have one life to live. THANK YOU!

I loved your show at cold spring! I love the prodgect your doing. How did you think of doing the signatre prodgect?

Camay Morgan
Your vision is amazing. It is a powerful tool you have that seems to touch everyone in a different way. I heard you talk of people coming away from the presentation either happy or sad. I walked away with both of those feelings and then some! Happy because this is an ingenious idea and sad that you are right--people do come into our lives and then die--it's nature!I am honored to have been able to sign my signature! Sincerely, Camay Morgan

Mrs. King's 4th grade Doylestown, PA
Dear Patrick, Brilliant! Really amazing!Unbelievable! Extremely awesome! Very talented! We think it is really amazing how something so incredible started from you just looking out your studio window. We learned how the little things in life can make BIG things happen. You inspired us to follow our dreams. We just can't believe how you came up with all the details like the music, pictures, and hidden messages. Wow! Sincerely, Brooke,Evan,Cassidy,Alicia,Lyd Cole,Trent,Kennedy,Julia,Ceato Thomas,Jack,Emma,Angelica,juls Billy,Nikhil,Hannah,Tate,Carlo Brian, and Gabby. P.S. We love Bailey and your brother's music!

Mrs. Griffin's Fourth Grade Class
You did an excellent job hiding secrets in your project. It was amazing how you joined morse code, music, and art to create the picture of your father. We wonder how you got so many signatures in your painting. Is your signature in there? We wonder if your brother's is there and if you have a favorite signature. It was really cool how you made the heart in the center. During the assembly, when you lit up the heart, it was fascinating. We also wonder how you came up with such an enormous idea. We enjoyed your guitar playing. You are very talented! The video of your car travels was awesome. We thought the project with the eye on the Liffy River in Dublin was cool! Thanks for making us the best school in the United States! PS: When you get back home say "Hi" to Bailey!

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