The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Sean Farrell
You came to Hills Garison in N.H .How is it going.I think the Signature/ Project is so cool.

taryn mattila
you are amazingly smart. wow. you just came to my school on friday 6/8/07 monroe middle school and I think my jaw was dropped open the whole time, how HOW can you do that? you should make you performance a DVD so I could buy it and show It to my parents. I told them all about it and they would LOVE to experiance it too. plus, how can I get my signature on there too? e-mail back.

you came to my school last week, june 2007. monroe middle, and the project was crazy. i expected another boring assembly, but was amazed by the creativty of your project. keep up the good work

shaun faulds
hello i am shaun faulds i was at the assembly at monroe middle school and i was wondering if you could send me a picture of your Irish Vision picture that you took in Dublin. and some of your other photos so i can show them to my parents and my family. i was really moved by your assembly that you held at my school and on behalf of Monroe Middle School i would like to say THank you

Tyana Dansereau
my brother got to sighn that!! yay!!so i got to c the presentation at Coleville High School and i thought it was very cool. i was young but i understood the technology and kind of how it worked. it was nice to see the blend of everything and my teacher still talks about it!! it was pretty sweet!! thanx lotz and lotz 4 coming!!

what is the Recipe for your moms soup you showed us at the "show"

Alysa Davis
Patrick thank you for coming to my school. i really enjoyed the show!! it was really really cool and the songs were really good!

Samantha Cundy
hey patrick this is samantha cundy i go to park place middle school in monroe, washington the assembly on june, 5, 2007 was awesome you should go to monroe high school and do that! they'd really enjoy that, and i wanna come to ireland to learn about ur culture and life there itself! have fun and be safe!

Micaela Pearson
were you really talking to your brother?


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