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Cassie Torres
I loved your presentation, it was wonderful and I want to thank you for bringing your show to are school. I was one of the fith graders that sighned your picture.

This painting is awesome and so intricate. There are so many things hidden beneth what you can see just by glancing at it. It is amazing to think about each different layer to the painting, plus each different person who signed it. I am amazed at how he came up with each idea to add each part of the painting that you can see with not only the naked eye, but with different lighting.

Kamee ( I'm from Campanelli school)
I really loved your show. Your art is so unique. I went to tell my mom to buy one of your CD's but she said "No". Although good luck!

Jocelynn Kim
hi im a 5th grader from campenilli school when you came to vist may 21 2007 and showed us all the things i was soooooooo amazed because i have never heard of an artist who made a painting out of signatures and that you had so many talents too i really enjoyed your presentation

Jocelynn Kim ( from campenilli school)
i really liked your presentation it was sooooo cooooool

Tom Pelarinos
I go to Campamelli and you have a good show.

Lisa Gargaro
The children of Orchard Farms have not stopped talking about you!! They want you back next year!!

WE luved ur show!!!! U toatally inspired us! thanx!!!! Lilly Ps please write back!!!

Emma and Caterina
Dear Mr. dunning, We go to Reed Intermediate School. You are the most amazing person whos ever come to Reed. We absolutley loved your show. You are amazingly talented and close to your family which is great. Your biggest fans, Emma and Caterina PS the person Anna who emailed you the other day is our friend. Can you email us Back?

I think you are doing an amazing job with this project. You came to my school, Reed Intermediate School, in Newtown Connecticut to do a presentation.

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