The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Chambray Fehinger
It is me again!! Still lovin the project!!!!

hi thanxs for letting me sighn the project =[)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg im so glad u came to my school

Your presentation just recentley traveled to my school. The show was amazing... the BEST of the year!!! But, i was really upset that only select people got to sign it... you should of have EVERYONE sign it. That way you could get your project done faster... Raven

Thank you, Patrick. After the assembly at Explorer Middle Schhol, i had to come see your website as soon as i got home. I would have to say, You are my FAVORITE artist of all times. Thank you soo much. Oh and one more thing, Give a hug to your cat for me. :+)

yea umm i signed that when youo were at lowerlake high school last year and i was wodering how if i can see my signature

hey umm i really did like the whole thang who did you decied 2 think of the whole project i thought the show was ganna be really bad an i thought wrong well i hope that every1 likes it an everythang... well ya anyways im aboutz 2 bounce see you... LATERZ

Hey wat up i like this whole thang when you did that phone call was it a real one or recorted???? well ya i i hopw that ur project gets done soon so ya well ummm i thought i would just tell you that i liked it an ya well umm have fun with the project well ya umm im goin 2 do my school work Kendra

natasha schmidt
thank you for coming to Richland high school it was cool to know that some one is doing all that stuff

Laura Childs
This looks like an awesome goal/project to do! Oh and also, thank you soo much for doing an assembly at my school, Maywood Hills Elementary, we all loved it!

Alyssa McEloy
Are you going to go all the way around the world to get people to sign the different canves boards? After you put 9 boards togter are you going to rotate them to make a dimand or are you going to put them in a box?

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