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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Abigale and Audrey Purvis
we really loved the show that you did at Wellington Elementary. your work is spectacular. we loved all of it. thank you for coming to our school! 1/11/05

Amber Vandehey
hi....thank you for coming to Wellington Elementary! I loved the show that you did. That is a very good idea for the project...I really liked how you did all of the big things on the back of the squares...I really liked it. My favorite part was when you did the speeding motor cycle! it was funny. Thank you, Amber Vandehey (student at Wellington Elementary in washington..a.k.a. woodinville)

Anna Taylor
I loved it when you visited Wellington elementary. How did you get that little light and made everything happen. Thank you for visiting! I hope to see you again.

Nick Hunter & Maxx Nehser
That assembly was awsome! I'm from Wellington Elementry, Woodinville, Washington (the best school ever)! Thank you for giving your time. You are soooooooooooo smart! I hope to see you again, and when it's done you should show the world! Sincerely, Maxx Nehser and Nick Hunter

Hannnahand Rachel
yo that esmmbely at wllingtoin was asmme

I am so glad that i herd about you you. Are the best.FROM SPENCER

I Really Liked the Assimmmblay

hi i was at hilldale for your show it was coolio

Hi Pat, I really enjoyed you're performance at the Hopkinton Middle School. You're next stop should be at The Children's Hospital in Boston. Too bad I did not get to sign the project. Maybe you will come back to my school next year. My cousin got to sign the project though. All the special effects were awesome. Where are you going to hang the project? I think you should hang it in a museum or at least part of the whole picture. I hope to see you again and hopefully get to sign you're extravigant project.

Hey Patrick, I liked your show. It was cool and I like the way you painted stuff over it.

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