The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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sara renando
hey patrick, i saw you at my school today (monroe junior high) and i just want you to know how absolutly cool i think this project is. the picture of your father is awesome and the music oh my goodness, its amazing i really enjoyed it. thank you for sharing that with my school.

dear pat, I just saw your show at Monroe Junior High and loved all the tiniest details in your work that makes it sooooo cool. I was wondering, though, where will you keep the original canvases? Are you going to sell them to a art museum or something where people can observe the real Signature Project? Kourbin

I enjoyed you coming to our school it was very cool i loved to music and I play the flute and that would be fun to play I go to Monroe Jr. High school thank you for coming to our school im sure your project will come out great thank you again sincerly jacqueline

Just saw your speech today and I LOVED IT.

Lauren Milne
That rocked!!!...Though I wish you woulda let me sign it(even though it was St. Patrick's Day and red heads got to sign it), after all, I AM 75% Irish and 25% Scottish!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though I was disappointed, I still enjoyed every last second! Stay alive long enough to finish it! Lauren P.S. Since it's St. PAtrick's Day I'll tell you a little story. My great-grandma was on her death bed and she had one of those (very) near death experiences. Right before she died she stared at the corner of her hospital bed with wide eyes. Then she started screaming and telling us to look there as well. Suddenly she started to shriek," Look!Look right there! IT'S A LEPRACHAUN!!!!!I TOLD YOU THEY WERE REAL!"...then she died...A grand story for a beautiful day like this if I do say so myself!

sharon roxburgh
dearest was delightful to meet you and wish that i had invited you for dinner...i bet you have some fabulous stories...anyway...i need a mailing address as many students want to write...thanks... sharon... p.s...have a spectacular day tomorrow!!

Laurie Vaughn, First Grade Thorner School
Thank you Mr. Dunning for showing us your Signature Project. Jose, Matt, Zach, Michelle, Marina, Ana, Chris, Jr., Andrew, Niko, Noah A., Jerushaq, Mariah, Byron, Ronald, Katie, Miko, Mason, and Mrs. Vaughn liked the music best. Cole, Noah, Jarmyrus, and Marissa liked the motorcycle sound the best. Room 2 is very glad you came to Thorner School! Thank you!

HI my name is brooklynn and i wanted to tell you how cool you are.

hi its me jade from James Carter Elementary!

I loved the show. I am a student from DR. Juliet thorner school.E-mail me at

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