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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Samantha Calabretta
You came to my school a couple months ago and your presentation was outstanding!!! I'm still trying to understand it!!! It is so cool to have people like you giving STEM a chance and showing kids and adults STEM!!! You are just... I can't even explain you. You are just amazing!!! I loved your presentation and so did my friends!!!! Hope you had an amazing Christmas!!

Gillian Frances
Hi Patrick - I'm in NYC when your show starts there - CONGRATULATIONS!!! I may be in the audience.


I liked how you used the ultra violet light and plus where did you get the ultra violet light and all that stuff? Kayden from Ms. Lenci's class Woodland School

Dear Mr. Dunning I loved your show this morning. My favorite part was the Morse code to make your father's face. I just have one question how did you take out your heart and put it on the screen? Tyler Ms. Lenci's class Woodland school

I like what you are doing. Also I think you could do a self portrait or a sculpture Jason from Ms. Lenci's class

Yo what up my name is TY I am very cool I liked your show because you had very cool music and you used that very cool light. Ty from Ms. Lenci's class Woodland school

Dear Mr.Dunning, I really thought your performance was super cool. I liked your cat. I really liked the way the paints work. I like the idea with the x-ray/ultra violet, Morse code and the painting changed. The assembly was like a magic show. And I like the music coming from the painting. Julia from Ms.Lenci's class Woodland School

Think you for coming to your school. Also your show was amazing. one of my qustion were are you going next? Also how did your Dad die?Are you rich,famous?

Mr.Dunning I love your idea of the wonderful painting. Also I appreciate all of the hard work that you put into the painting. Where are you going to put the finished painting?

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