The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Norah Hennessy
I loved the performance that you made at west end school I learned so much. Thank you

Molly Barnes
I am from the Harrington Park school I loved your project

Sefat Tammanna- A 6th grader at Scholars' Academy
Hi, I was one of the people at your amazing show at Scholars Academy not too long ago! The way you connected everything into this amazing show is mind-blowing. P.S I totally did not scream a bunch of stuff in excitement, like the "CAN I HUG YOU" at the end XD!

hi pat remember when you went to west end i was a 4th grader there i love the assembely it was amazing thank you and bye

I loved your job and your visit. Marion street schoool loved the signature project. Great idea. My teacher, mr.Frifeld got to sign it and my ant from The scholars’ Academy in Rockaway ny got to sign it she enjoyed it.

Reagan Mcelroy
You went to my school and why can’t the kids sign it?

Sophie m.
You are very good at your art and you are very creative and I was at west end today I loved your show very much.

lisa montalvo
Hi I am from the school Scholars academy.I am a 6th grader.Let me just say I loved your presentation is was so much fun.

Dear Mr.Dunning Today you visited are school WestEnd. I liked you and your brothers music. we think that you are the best signature artist in the world. we also appreciate you coming to are school. I wish you the most luck in the world on your signature project. You are so absolutely.................. a wonderful amazing person. I personally think that you are very smart. You know with you knowing all of that scientific stuff. Have a great day. I might try out your soda bread recipe. From,Jake WestEnd New York Bye

i love your artwork and i hope to see this amazing project finished patrick dunning you are on the road to success and i hope you stay on it

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Home Comments Booking Info. Off-Broadway 2018 Tickets