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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Thank you very much.

Dahlia Nimatallah
Dear Patrick, By any chance, was this project featured at the Puyallup Fair in Washington around 1992? If so, then I was definitely among early signatures for this wonderful art piece!! Hope to hear from you soon =)

Hello! My name is Alice, I`m from New York but live in Paris now. I love classic music

alesia gensler
hi, umm i dont think you remember but you came to my school with this, in pittsburgh Pa, well lintion middle and i thought this was the most amazing thing ever, and i cant wait to see it when its done, good luck with this project.(:

Cindy Allman
Dear Patrick, You came to the Newmark High School in Carteret NJ a few years ago and I still think about you to this day. Your show has made a lasting impression and I hope you are doing well. I would love to bring you back to wow more of our students and staff! Cindy Allman

Dear Patrick, You came to my school years ago and I am still fascinated!

Jake Rhodes
Dear Patrick, What a great feeling you must have to be acomplishing something as amazing as this. I'm honored to be apart of the signature project. It was great meeting you.


Janice Bentley
I signed your artwork many years ago and bought the T-Shirt. At the time it was a 10 year roject. I am happy to see yo are still at it. At the time you put a dot on my t-shirt. Is ther a way i can see my signature online? Thanks...jb

Maggie Roller
Your project is super cool! That was the coolest assembly ever (I am at heatherwood middle school) and i wish to see it again. Could you tell me why you are going to put the project into cubes when you are done? I wish I could have signed it. You should come to Mill Creek WA and have a signing. Wait, ummm... how do you have people sign it? Do you go places with a specific square? Is that why you drive a lot? I would love to know!

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