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vicki stansbury
Hi Patrick, Do you remember me, one of the cooks from Westwood School in Stockton CA.? I am showing my grandson your poster you gave me and now your web site. He is 12 and thinks it is pretty cool. He wishes you could come to his school in Parker CO. After you came to our school I posted your post card on the computer stand for the kids to see as they went through the lunch line. They thought it was so cool. They loved your show. One little girl looked up your web site and got your Irish bread (?) recipe. She was a little East Indian girl. It was cute, she was excited about it. If you come through here again give us a call if you still have my brochure(photography). If not you have my email. Sorry it took so long to drop a line. Your show was so awesome I wish my grandson could have seen it he would have loved it. Thanks, Vicki

Janet Herron
i signed your canvas around 1998 at OMSI in Portland. do you think you will have the location of our signatures available? so that we can enter our name and be shown where we are on your canvas? what a wonderful project. my children saw you last week at their school, Joan Austin Elementary in Newberg, OR. they are very impressed that mom's signature is included in your art work! :) thank you for an awe inspiring piece of art! Janet, Sarah (11) and Matt (9) Herron

Joyce Krzmarzick
Hi Patrick! Mrs. Pistilli's class really liked your show. Here are some of their comments. What kind of music do you like?(Kayla). I like the part with the red thumb (Laura). I like your brother's face (Kevin). I like your cat Bailey (Rylie). I like the music you played on your guitar (Israel). I liked your brother's music (Marissa M.). I really liked your art (Justin). You are a very good guitar player (Daniel). I like your guitars (Marissa R.). It looked cool when you used the red thumb (Kassi). I like when you played the guitar (Jennifer). I liked your CD and your picture (Dalton). I liked the part when you did the motorcycle (Bobby). I like the music (Dempsey). I liked when you did the sound of the police (Ivan). How old are you?(Mariah). Good luck and we loved your show!!! Mrs. Pistilli's 2nd grade class

Mrs. Krzmarzick's 2nd grade class
Dear Patrick, We really liked your show (Samantha). It was cool when you made the red light disappear on the screen (Jenna). We like the part when you got the motorcycle to start (Noah) . We liked when you showed us your father's face (Abeline). We love the music!!! (Matthew) We liked it when the show first started (Nathashia). It was sad when you told us your dad died (Eric). We like the part when you showed us the signature project picture (Kameron). It was very cool when you showed us how you took the flourescent light on the big square (Julia). It was cool when the songs came on (Aaron). We like the part when his brother talked to us on the phone from Ireland and when he was playing the flute (Jennasee). We like the part when he was petting the cat and then when he was petting the man (Sydney). Do you do lots of shows? (Karina) We liked it when he played the blues (Jessica). We liked the part when you showed us the eye (Meghan). From, Mrs. Krzmarzick's 2nd grade cla

Mary Stofferahn
Your presentation was awesome!! That was a great presentation. I really enjoyed your presentation. KaTIE That Presentation was groovy. I thought your presentation was the coolest !!!! The presentation was so cool. I think what your doing is really cool! Jenna you are an amaizing artists you have great ideas. natalie These are some notes from my sixth graders. We all appreciate your talent and gift to us!! There will be more comments in coming!! Everyone wants their turn to thank you.

Allyson Mcmanners
Patrick Remember when you came to our school? My teacher loved signing your painting!!!!It is wonerful what you did! The bridge thing is fantastic I thought that was amazing!!!! It was beautiful!!!!

Jane Lenz
Patrick, I teach at Cedarhome Elem. in Stanwood, WA, and we saw your show today. AWESOME! I'm excited I got to sign the project! THANK YOU for coming! I'm still thinking about the whole experience! Good luck to you in your artistry! Jane Lenz Grade 1 teacher

I am soo happy now to be a part of this project. I got to sign my name on the board, that was soo cool. Your genius astounds me. I am excited that you incorperated Ireland into your speech today. I plan on living there some day! HOpe to see you around!

Jonathan Kortes
hey patrick i thought ur show was amazing that thing with all the signatures was really awsome that thing wit the built in music thing when u went closer and closer to it sounded really kool when u did the part where the motercycle was going and the cops and all that stuff that was a lot of signatures on the one board but it must be huge the part in the board where u hav to do the x-ray thing and that light how do u fit so much stuff on it i ant wait to check out the rest of the site i kno u probably cant e-mail me back because all the people the e-mail but i think that it would be really kool to hear from you again o and im really sry to hear about what happened to ur dad and that picture of him that is invisible was really nice and the music ur brother made was really touching and it made me feel so happy it almost made me cry good luck with the whole signature project i cant wait to see it on the site or on that disk that was going to be made i will buy it for sure c ya talk to u la

Jessica Myler
Thank you SO much for visiting our school in Ririe High School!! I enjoyed the presentation very much. I've always sort of pushed art aside, but you gave me a whole new respect for it. People world wide sit and complain about the world around them while you have captured life and are now sharing with everyone. You have a great message that a lot of people need to hear and think about. The endless emotions and surprises kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Patrick, you a truley a great artist and human being. I hope that your works receive the recognition they so greatly deserve. I can't wait until the cd rom is available so hurry! :) Thank you again!

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