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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Erikk Teschlog
I was at the assembly when you came to Marysville Junior High School. I just have to say it was one of the most amazing and inspiring presentations I have ever seen. You are truly an artistic genius.

I saw your presentation on september 10, my birthday.

Dude that was an awsome show at the Marysville Junior High the other day. Sorry were so loud but once you got going it was awsome!I think thats a really cool thing to do with all those signatures and the black lights and the liquid metal painting. I really liked the motorcycle demonstration. That was awsome!

Kelsey Herman
hey patrick whats crackin'?! well even though skools OUT i still think about how far your project has come...hmmmm...well keep in touch...lataz <3 Kelsey from HILLSIDE MIDDLE SCHOOL SIMI VALLEY CALIFORNIA

I think what your doing is really creative and totally abstract! I love that you're going for what you want and you're not afraid of if it may take you many of years. I know the finish project will be good luck with everything !

Patrick Dunning You can to my school That is Marysville Junior High School. Thank you for coming to my school.

Anthony B.
Hey there Mr. Dunning. I'm that one guy that helped you out after school when you came to MJHS. I cant wait until the poster is finished. 12 more years. You are a very creative and inspiring artist. I really really liked that photograph of the eye on the bridge. That was awesome. You Rock and thanks for the free poster.!


Kelly (AGAIN)
hey patrick i really liked your show and that painting is amazing...a lot of people must like it because i have read some of these comments and they are just herat warming. They blew me away when i read them. Your dad would have been so proud and imn sorry that he wont be here when your done with it. I love your brothers music it could just put me to sleep. I hope i will see this presentation once again in my life.

Robby Tolman
I Loved your show I think that it is cool what you are doing i am sorry about my school it was rilly rude i am from MJHS you were here on 6-17-2004 Well by

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