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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Dawn Russo
My 5th grade Literacy students just experienced your amazing show. What a privilege for my students to be witness to such inspiration! Some of them wanted to email you so we decided to send you our messages together. Please see their comments below! You were amazing, I loved your variety of pictures! It was cool to see your father in your pictures and sculptures too! Hi, I loved your show, I think you project is really cool and i can't wait to sign your picture. I really liked the songs that your brother made.Also, your really good at playing the guitar. I loved the presentation. The pictures were awesome. I love your idea. i loved what you are doing it is amazing and i love your work i hope you finish the project The presentation was amazing I have never seen anything like it. Keep doing what you are doing it means so much to yourself and the world. I thought your presentation was amazing! I loved your brothers Music too!! Thank you for that outstanding perfor

Elliott zhu Jefferson
Hello Patrick your artwork is cool and awesome!!!!!Pratrick dunning!Patrick Dunning!!!!!!;)

Patrick Dunning! Patrick Dunning! Patrick Dunning!!!!!!

Ethan Zhu
Your show was amazing! I loved it. I hope you come back again to Jefferson Elementry School in NJ in Westfield. Everyone agreed it was the best assembly we had ever!!!!! Thanks!

Harrison cole from Jefferson Elementry
wassup! the ceiling ba dum tss. I was the kid with blue hair and i wanted to know if a could have you collaborate through FaceTime for a youtube video on my channel Southern Savage so if you would like please email me back and also i would love it if you subscribed to my channel. Have a nice day! <3

Leila Jules-Islam
great gob at jefferson scool!! -leila from jefferson school

Anna Carissimo
Jefferson School was in awe today after your presentation! What an amazing experience you have given our students. It is an honor to have my signature be a part of this project! Thank you!

I loved the assembly at Jefferson elementary school. Love Emilie.

Sarah Lincoln
That was the absolute BEST ASSEMBLY EVER

Aaron Lox
i saw your presentation at washington school!

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