The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Christina Dunne
Your passion and work on this project TIES us together. Transforms Inspires Energizes Sharpens our senses I saw your assembly at my school four years ago and was delighted to hear that you were returning. I was amazed at how the project has progressed. It was truly uplifting. You are an inspiration. Chris Dunne

Larry Kostula
YOOOO! (that was an inside joke!) You inspired my entire school! (students and staff alike)Your "gift" transcends art! Best.........Larry

Candice Vasta
Great presentation! So much positive feedback from our students. One of our goals as middle school administrators is to have students 'find their own voice and their own way' rather than relying on others or what is popular. Your contagious enthusiasm has gone a long way in helping students find their own passions. Inspiration such as yours cannot be found in a book, but rather experienced as you did so clearly. Much continued success with your project. Hope to see you again in the future.

Effie Gelman
Hi Patrick, I can not thank you enough for three amazing shows. Our students, teachers and administrators were completely in awe! We are so grateful for the art you shared with us yesterday and I can tell you that it truly touched each person who experienced it. Thank you again, Effie Gelman

Venu Gandhi
There are not many times I have said this in my life, but you are very inspirational. Just the way you thought of this project blows my mind away. I really enjoyed your presentation at our school, it was unique. It inspired me to do something creative too. I want to know what your advice is to the new beginners and how we could achieve it. Also where can I look to get ideas or inspiration? Thank you.

Hey Mr. Dunning! You came to my school about a month ago and I really enjoyed your visit! Thanks for coming to our school and I hope when I get older I can sign my name too.

Dotty DeCota
I had the pleasure of attending the Signature Project presentation today at the Bernardsville Middle School in Bernardsville, NJ. GENIUS. Loved it. Thank you for sharing

Kirsten Williams
Thank you! The depth of your creativity is inspiring.You say that the the project (the painting) is about life. After watching your show, I believe that it is about "being a part of something bigger than yourself in this life". And by allowing others to share in your creation, you make us a part of something so very beautiful. It is very uplifting to know that my name is a little piece of this incredible piece of art. Thank you again, from the South African in Chatham New Jersey.

Barbara Hedges
In twenty years of working at school Best Assembly I've ever seen. Great for all ages-students and teachers.

Ingrid Gartner
The Signature Project was an “EXTRAORDINARY” PTA Assembly Program held in Queens, NYC! Currently an on-going artistic creation of real life experiences expressed through various forms of art through writing, painting, sculpture, science, technology, photography, and more. Extremely interesting, entertaining, and fun to watch for all ages. Wow! An honor to have participated as one of the many signatures to create this masterpiece of World Art. With peace and Love, Thank you, Ms. G. 05-17-16

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