The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Robert summers
Hi I liked your show.I hope you can come back.

Trisha Youngquist @ Edison School And Jenny Spink
Hi dude your show was coooooollll!!!! It rocked our world:)

Haylie Ingman
Thanks for coming to our school, Edison Elementary. I enjoyed the show!

howdy!your show was cool!!

jenna ,shailey,janell,dalton,tanner
We liked your show you rock dude.

Katie Aldridge
Wow! Very unique and thought-provoking.. Thought you might enjoy some comments about your project from my first graders at Coe Elementary School... From Spencer: I liked the show especially when you showed us your father with those marks on his face. I hope you finish your picture. Good Luck! From RuthMabel: I liked when you showed us pictures that you took when you were in your car. I think it is cool that you put music with your pictures of the truck. How did you get the idea for the Signature Project? From Hayley: I liked when you called your brother and played the guitar. Good Luck! From Kyra: I like that you use other people's names in your project. I play the guitar too! From Liam: I liked the part when you made the sound of the man on the motorcycle that got caught going over the speed limit and getting caught by the police and it was very funny when you did Morse Code! From Brian: I really liked your ideas especially y

Kalie Liebe
I signed your painting and i think that it is really great.I go to Edison. This below is one of the comments that you will get often. Yoooooooo!

Zandra Gaspard
Hey You just came to Edison and we saw your slideshow I really loved it. My friend Tony says that the phone call was a fake and that you had it recorded it like all the other things.Every one wants to know what that little red light thing was E-mail me back! Your friend I guess, Zandra Gaspard

Mr. Prante's Class
5th grade class from Edison Elementary in Bow, Washington thought your program ROCKED ! ! !

Dear Patrick, I am a student from Coe Elementary(the school you visited today) and I think The Signature Project is really cool!

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