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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Hey Patrick,all i want to say is wow. Your masterpeice is amazing.How did you come up with this? I told my family all about what you said at Bouquet Canyon Elementarly school. They wanted to see it after I told them.Well got to run. Good Job!!!!!!

Rebecca Wachter
I'm really sorry I missed your show at Boquet Canyon Elementry School. I go to that same school! My best friend,Hannah Peeters, loved it! She told me all about it. I could't come to your show because I have a disease called pink eye. I have to take a lot of eye drops! My eye will clear up two days from now(3/4/03). March 4th is also my friend,Taylor's birthday! Bye!

Leeann Sheffield
hey whatz up?¿?¿ I liked the thing u did today. It was really kool. Mostly everyone in the whole intire skool must of loved it. Well got to go. Buh bi

Amber and Jessica
Hi patrick we loved your show it was totally old were you when you started this stuff?What is your profession? It's really Jessica wants to become it.What made you think of the signature project? Talk to you some other time responed back when you get the chance please!!!!!!your great.Totally bye.

Jennifer Rennels-Magon
Patrick - I am a third grade teacher in Saugus, CA and was privileged to see your show this morning. What an awesome experience! You are doing such an important thing on so many levels. I can't wait to take my 19-month-old son to see your final project when it is completed. By then you'll have a whole new audience to captivate! Keep up the great work!

kellan McBride
I really thout that your show was REALLY TRULY AWSOME!!!

I go to James Foster Elementry and I was at your assembly. I was wondering how to get the soup recipie from your mom, because when I tried I couldn't get it. Could you send me an e-mail on how to get the recipie? thanks soo much. bye

Jackie Shimamoto and Stephanie Bulder
Dear Patrick I loved your show at James Foster school. I really liked the music that your brother came up with. I loved how you did the eye thing in Ireland. It was so amazing and pretty. That was a very creative project. You are very smart and talented. Sincerely, Jackie 12 and Stephanie 11

Your show was fun to watch! I know you must be tired of giving them though. Peace out man!

Akaila Ballard
Hi patrick, You are the bravest strongest man in the are magical to me. i think what your doing is magnifacent. On march 2 you came to my school. I wanted to sign the picture really bad. Well i just wanted to say you and Ellen Da Genorous are my new role models

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