The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Ashley Welch
Dear Mr.Dunning, I signed your picture when you were at Junction City High and that was the best thing that has ever happened to me i am so in love with art and your art just blew me away i actully cried when i found out i got to sign your art i just wanted to say thank you so very much frome me and my sister Aimee for she go to sign it as well thank you

Kara McGinty
Hey Patrick, i just wanted to thank you for coming out to Junction City High School and giving us your presentation! At first, i wasn't really interested but now that i understand what it was that you showed us, it was absolutly amazing! I enjoyed it greatly. I am also thankful that you gave us a change to be apart if it, i had gotten to sign it myself! thank-you very much. Sincerely, Kara McGinty

Your show was off the hook! It was awsome! You inspired me sooooooooo much! I can't imagine how you could have thought of all this!!! Wow! It blew me away!!!!

Paula Stenberg
Dear Mr. Dunning, Thank you so much for sharing the Signature Project with us at our little St. Mary's School in our beautiful piece of the world. I am a biology and English teacher at the school. After watching you present the work you did using Morse code, I was curious to know whether or not you had ever considered using the genetic code on a piece? The beauty and simplicity of the genetic code continues to amaze me, no matter how many times I teach it! In DNA, A always pairs with T and C always pairs with G; these are the bases in a code which is nearly universal among all life forms and whose order dictates the product of the gene. I thought of this also because of the elegance with which you integrated so many aspects of life into your presentation. Thank you again! Sincerely, Paula Stenberg

i had the best time ever thanks 4 leting me sighn FROM St.Marys GOOD LUCK Peace!!!!

Bernie Moore
Patrick I saw your show in Medford last week. Wow. What fun. I was honored to get to sign my name. As it turns out I've been listening to your brother's music for years via Nightnoise and Celtic Christmas cds. That connection made your point. Bernie

Angelica Lo Monaco
This show was the best art show I have ever seen! Hope you come back to St. Marys for another show! The show was great how you made. Your signature project is brilliant. Thank you for letting me be a member to sign the canvas! (student at St.Marys school Oregon) Thank you again Patrick

Emily Volk(again)
I just wanted to ask you how did you think of all this???? How do you have that big of an imagination? I could never think of all this. e-mail me!!!!!

Katherine Viale
I loved your show! The Sigature Project is sooooooooooooooo kool. It is so amazing how there are so many secrets in it!

chrisitne gomez
hey patrick dunning you came to my school junction city highschool on Dec.9 and iwanted to say that i really enjoyed the presentation and wanted to thank you for comming and can't wait to see the final piece and the irish vision i thought was also very interesting once again thank you for comming again. signed a student

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