The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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kaylie gao
hello patrick! i was at the assembly today so yeah. Can you give me 2free tickets to your broadway show? thanks!!!!!!!!!!

Hi.My name is Maddie. I was the kid talking to you at Franklin.I was also talking to you with someone with black hair. Keep up the good work.You can do it!

Fluffy unicorn 🍭
Thank you for coming to Franklin Elementry school and I wanted to say that the picture of your father was so cool. Also it was cool when you put the purple light up to the white square and it changed the design completely.

hi!I am one of the kids at Franklin School and I LOVED your show!I am a 2nd grader and I thought it was AWESOME! GOOD LUCK!

brendan chase
hi Patrick I'm Brendan from franklin. please come again. your show is so good.

Roni Ashkenazi
Yo dude. Sup

Aiden Ko
The Signature Project show was great! I am a fourth grade student at Harrington Park school. I hope you can finish your project, and come back to our school!

Madison Severn
I am a student at Lewis and Clark and when u visited out school and told us about your project, I was just amazed and saw the world in a different set of eyes. What you're doing is just amazing and very very aimed at the heart and I just live you and your work

Norah Hennessy
I loved the performance that you made at west end school I learned so much. Thank you

Molly Barnes
I am from the Harrington Park school I loved your project

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Home Comments Booking Info. Off-Broadway 2018 Tickets