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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Theresa Valish
I had the extreme pleasure of experiencing your performance while you were visiting our school in Bellevue, NE. I think you are a brilliant individual with an amazing talent. Or should I say talents??? I truly appreciated your message and your mission and I wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors. You have left a lasting impression on us all and I feel fortunate to have witnessed it first hand. Keep up the great work! Theresa Valish, 2nd grade teacher

AL Rocheck
Today, at J.L.Simpson Middle School in Leesburg, VA. I experieinced a presentation that was inspiring as well as beneficial to not only the students, but staff as well. Mr. Dunning has touched the limits of one's own soul by using his gifts to their fullest potential and sharing his journey. In my 30 years of being in education, I've never witneseed an auditorium full of students/adults being gathered into a presentation from beginning to end. I feel as though I was in the prescence of greatness today. May God continue to bless this work.

Patrick Schumaker (call me P-Shuey)
I'd like to say two things: Number one: my name is the same as yours, and my grandmother's from Ireland. Duh. Number two: I have been looking all my ten years of life for something that was about life, about people, and the world we live in. This...this really touches my heart. I've never seen or heard anything like it, and probably never will. Now, I bet you're smiling as you read this. Aren't you? Okay, maybe not. I try to read minds sometime. Don't ask why. I don't know how you got yourself to do certainly makes you a non-normal guy. I admire your mind.

Jean Bicknell
Patrick, What brilliant artistry! Thank you for sharing your talent and ingenious work with the young people in this country. You have touched many lives through your performances. May God continue to bless you with the strength and endurance to carry this project on to endless possiblities. You truly make a difference in this uncertain world.

some kid from warren hills in washington, nj
Twice today I had a chance to watch you do a kind of thing I wish I could devote my life to.

Alice McGlynn
As the art teacher at MTES, I must tell you that you run circles around Chuck Close! Thank you so much for sharing your passion in both a visual and emotional way. You have won our heart! Much continued success!!!

Valerie engel
Patrick & Brian - Blessings to you both. The music is fabulous - love the CD. Patrick your brain is incredible and how delightful that you have found a wonderful way to both promote the project and have it funded at the same time. This is the most incredible peace project on the planet - do you have plans to take it to other countries? My friends say you are the most creative - what a delightful way to take the message to children - to create a future of one world with peace and unity. WOW - it blows me away to see such tenacity, such vision and strength to continue to breathe life into this project. See you on the other side of 2012 :)) valerie, theresa and wendy

Jenny Shinoki
I can't thank you enough for sharing your life and artistic vision with our school, Clyde Hill Elementary - Bellevue Washington USA. You have sparked something in our children that no doubt will have a ripple effect on their lives!

Stephanie Apostolou
Let me just start off by saying you are AMAZING!! This is what I call art...!! This project will go down in history and I am honored for being 1 of the million who got to sign it. Your presentation was brilliant!

Arleen Lindstedt (Cottage Hill)
I was touched by your brilliance, compassion, beauty, humor , creativity, and dedication to humanity encircling this "work in progress"..... Thank you for sharing your gift; your Light....(Art, music, cats and Guinness --- some of my favorite things!! :)

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