The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Bob Tassinari
I was fortunate to see you at the WASFAA conference and would like to add my own YO! Your project is amazing, astonishing, absolutely brilliant, beautiful, befuddling, cosmic, curious, completely deliriously exciting, excellent, fantastic, futuristic, flaming grand!, gentle, glorious, healing, holistic, hopeful, ingenious, insanely intelligent, joyful, kaleidoscopic, (whew!) loving, lilting, musically nuanced, NEAT-O!, opulent, overwhelmingly pleasant, pacific, peacefully quiet, quirksome, relaxing, rhythmic, regal......etc.... Needless to say, I was somewhat impressed! Your mind has some come up with so many amazing ideas that I am in awe of how it must be churning away in your head and how tied to your heart these ideas have become. Bravo! Not a bad blues player, either! Thank you for a wonderful revelation!

Hi Patrick; I had the privilege of seeing you at WASFAA. I felt blessed that I was able to see your work and overjoyed at your ability to enlighten people, and the sharing of such a wonderful tribute to spirit and the divinity that goes un-noticed by most. Thank you is not a big enough statement! May you continue to be such a beacon of light and hope for all eternity! I can hardly wait to have my children see your work! Thank you and Brightest Blessings to you and yours!

Shirley Rice
Patrick, thank you so much for making time in your busy schedule to come to Hatch, NM. You were the talk of the town for awhile. You gave all of us who attended your presentation an opportunity to feel at one with the universe. Justice loved holding the light in her hand, Sammy loved the guitar, you interacting with them made such an impression on them. The talent you displayed might well be the most amazing artistic delight many of the children in our community might ever experience. I personally felt it was one of the most amazing things I've had the good fortune to be a part of. I felt a tingle all the way through my "Green Roots" to my soul. Also a big thanks to Bryan. Safe journey to you. Please come back again!!!

Ashley Smith
The other day, a wonderful man come to my school, Kingston Junior High in Washington state. He brought with him, an amazing journey towards something, though unnameable to several people, still worth while to him. This man showed us beautiful music and uncanny ways of expressing his art. The binary code in the face of a man known to be his father; A machine, used to make music, that also made into a ride down a highway; A display that showed, every single one of us, were created equal. This mans name was Patrick Dunning, and I beleive he is one of the most creative and influential men I have ever met in my sixteen years of living. Thank you Patrick, for you have opened my eyes onto something new and delicate. I hope to meet you again someday, perhaps in person, for now, you are my hero.

Gil Brown
Dear Patrick, I am an author and a pilot and an educator. I have taught for thirty years. I love it so much I could go another thirty. In my entire career I have never seen a better assembly for our students. The integration of the arts into the presentation was phenominal. The production values were astonishing. Moreover, it touched my heart and the hearts of my students. Fine job! Thank you to expanding many minds, both young and old(er), on your visit to Mariposa Elementary. Sincerely, Gil Brown (and 35 students)

Danielle Adduchio
I was unbelievably moved by your work! This project is such an amazing work of art...I was so honored to be able to sign it! I cannot wait to see the finished product. Your creative mind is amazing and I can't thank you enough for the inspiration you have given me. It is so rare to see people living a live of creativity and I applaud you for it. I can't wait to see what's next!

Laura Weaver
Patrick, Words cannot express how much I truly enjoyed your presentation at Manchester Twp Elementary School. As someone who is studying art and education, what you bring to everyone lucky enough to see your show is filled with so much depth. You inspire me to continue to express myself through my art. You have a truly amazing mind and soul.

Melanie Marks
Patrick, This is Melanie, VP at Tierra del Sol Middle School. Thank you so much for coming to Tierra del Sol Middle School today, 10/5/05. I have never seen such a unanimously positive reaction from students after an assembly. They were awed by you, and highly motivated. We appreciate your vision, your sharing your experiences, and the breadth you brought to our students' world. You are truly an inspiration.

Debbie Brandts
Hello Patrick, Thank you for sharing your wonderful view of life. I was a part of the audience at your performance for P&G in Lima, Ohio on 7/15/04. I also feel priveleged to have been able to add my signature to your wonderful tapestry. As I watched you perform and experienced your beautiful artistry, I thought "He gets it!!" The connectedness of us all, from snowflake to mountaintop, from human to human, from our individual energy fields to the cosmos. From the wonderful music from your brother's flute to the beating of my heart. We Are All One. Thank you so much. Namaste, Debbie

Saw your presentation in Oklahoma, with the Peoria Tribe. I haven't been fascinated and awestruck like this in a LONG time. I hope I live long enough to see your vision fulfilled. You're making an incredible impact on people's lives. You have mine. Thank you.

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