The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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i loved your show it was awesome when you came to hamilton school gr nj can you add my name mark

Britton Barkoff
Hi there- We have you scheduled to do an assembly at our school on Wed. 12/3. I'm trying to get in touch with you regarding payment (via the fax you sent), and to ask a few questions about logistics. Please call me: 415-388-7100

Hi I like the project and you came to are school today at sister academy I was one of the girl and the front I signed your project and I like it it was amazing hope to see you again

Alexandria S.
When you came to my school, The Scholars' Academy, I was very amazed and touched by your art. My favorite square was the one with all of the names from the people that died on 9/11. Thank you for your amazing work of art!

Nora Navarro
Thanks for coming to Sickles School today! The Signature Project is simply amazing. So creative and interesting. I am so excited to have seen it and also to sign my name. Peace

Farzana Tasnim
As a student in my school, when you came to our school in Scholars' Academy, it was a honor to see the show. Everyone was either laughing, crying or having fun. Your work of art gave a spark in my heart to make my world a better life. I hope you finish your project and come again to show it to us. Again, I hope you come again to our school, and your welcoming to us, will be a pleasure to the teachers and students - like me!! Your magnificent work of art will always be the best and powerful in the world of greatness. Thank you sooooo much for your art!!!! 10/17/14

Anna Mack
Mr. Dunning, I go to Wolftrap Elementary, the school you did the incredible show for. I wanted to ask you a favor. My sisters are now obsessed with your project. Could you please put the names: Anna Mack, Vivian Mack, and Isabella Mack onto your project, and send me a picture of it? My sisters and I would really like it. Anyway, send me an email. Thanks, Anna

Brian Batsel
What a terrific and inspiring presentation! Our students loved it, and the teachers were just amazed at the layers of iteration and effort. Kudos to you, Mr. Dunning, and thanks for visiting Wolftrap ES!

Jeremiah Leisey
Mr.Dunning's performence at Emily G.Jhons school was verry touching u talked to him he wassoutstsnding i loved it all you cold hear is a pencil droping i give it a rate 1-10 i pick 10 he is a very nice guy

hi I loved Patrick's assembly its a upbeat heartwarming assembly all principas I think he should come to your school bye DANA

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