The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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jennifer G.
i really enjoyed the assemboly today at school, it was one of the coolist on funnist one i have EVER had! i like you artwork, and your brothers music too.

thank you for coming to roosevelt school #10 passaic,new jersey

Amber Breitrick
I've seen this show once, nine years ago. That just proves how awesome this show is. It's why I've been checking in on the progress of this project over the years since I've watched the presentation. That is all :)

Rachel Finkelstein
I remember when you came to School 8 in Oceanside and talked about the signature project. I was very interested in your artwork. I liked how you used your own voice and used diverse materials to show many different pieces to make something that represents so many things.I am in this class that uses creativity like how you did.I would also like to know where your project will be at when you are done. Thank you and keep it up!

Amanda Scheichet, Student
Im a student at riker hill elementary you were great Can i sign my name

Sarah Tamagny
I LOVE the Singnature Prodject.It is so cool!

amanda scheichet
luved ur show amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. how du i sign my name

melanie klinger
i saw your asssembly today and i loved it your sssssooooo cool please come back again and you and your brother are AMAZING and you rock at art

i saw your assembly today and it was awesome

Heather Bannon
My Kindergarten class saw your show. Here is what they thought: You are incredible! I love your artwork! Pretty cool when you hide stuff inside the pictures! I loved how your heart was inside the sun! We thought you were inspiring and as one of my children said "Follow what your heart thinks" Thank you! Thank you!

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