The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Emma Hein
I heard about what you are doing and it sounds impecible. I am amazed at what you did. It meant a lot for me. Keep on going!!

Zeek Window
I just saw the presentation today at Frelighuysen Middle School and it was phenomenal! You are a brilliant artist with fantastic ideas!

You are an amazing and brilliant artist! I wish I got to sign part of the artwork but overall, your work and ideas are fantastic!

i saw him tday it was the best ive seen hes so smart

Hi you were at LCJSM in summit NJ today thanks SOO INSPIRING

Noa E.
I just saw your presentation today at LCJSMS (NJ) and absolutely loved it! It is so mind-boggling that this piece of art isn't only a painting, and not only music but both and oh so much more! Thank you for sharing your amazing art with my school!

robert scott
what was the radio wave device he used

Patrick Carpinelli
You presented at our school today(LCJSMS) and I loved it.My mom is from Ireland and I told her she wants to see it for her self I hope you finish the project soon. I have anIrish saying that says,"It is a cruel thing to die with all men misunderstanding"

rebecca rossner
hi, my son saw your amazing presentation at the tam valley elementary school in mill valley, ca and could not stop talking about it! we have been trying to purchase your cd ever since. he would like to give it to his father as a birthday present. any suggestions? thanks

Awesome presentation tonight in mendahm twp. Loved the show......glad to be a part of it.

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