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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Meg Gray
Hi Patrick, We have you coming to our schools on May 27th in Bloomingdale. Can't wait. Just getting paperwork prepared to have your check waiting, & was unsure whom to have it made out to. Should it be to Patrick Dunning?

kerry Tuorto, stuedent
I really liked your show, but my favorite part was when we got to see all those signatures on the screen.

Robin Cebenka
I too thought your presentation was exceptional. You truly were inspirining entertaining. I saw your performance at Carrie Downie Elementary School in New Castle, DE last week. I was the teacher who was "doing her homework". I want you to know that in 22 years of teaching I have been to approximately 200 performances of one kind or another and in all of them, I have brough work I had to do 2 times. I want you to understand that the night before your performance I was heading up to bed at 11:45 - having been awake averaging grades and planning lessons - when my 6 year-old grandson - one of three that I have custody of) came running upstairs in excruciating pain from an ear infection. I was up with him trying to ease the pain until four o'clock in the morning and then got up at five o'clock to get the other three grandkids up and ready for school. I then had to make an appoointment for him to see the doctor and then take a half a day to get him there. I HAD to write appropriate l

A'nya that presanttaion that u did at carriedownie elementry was asome and tha
that preasantion that you did at my school at Carrie Downie Elamentry School. p.s That was my teacher that was doing her homework durning the presantion. p.p.s was that a real phone call.

the student that told u where the a bathroom
I loved that preasation at school today

Thank you for coming to Salt Brook Elementary School! I really liked your show. It was really cool. I like your art alot. I think it is very cool that you play the blues and play the guitar. I am part Irish too! Please come back next year!

Thank you for visiting salt brook elementary school in April 2011!I loved your show so much!

You prove that life is a magnificent thing, and changed my perspective, thank you.

i think the project is amazing

Caroline Pocher
As a student at B.M.S, I see a ton of assemblies, but I think this is the best one I have ever seen. Keep doing what you are doing, it's amazing!!!

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