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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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courtney v.
hey i loved the assembly it was great and so fun u r amzing

Maggie Jackson
I just saw your presentation at frelinghuysen middle school, new jersey and i was utterly speechless. the way you were able to put all of those special hidden messages and devices in the squares blew me away. outstanding. i can honestly say that it is the most amazing thing i have ever seen, and i have seen my fair share of amazing things. the entire time my jaw was on the floor. however,i was a little confused when you said that you were going to box it up at the end. why would you box up a breathtaking miracle? i dont care if there will be a CD of the unfolded creation, just leave it be man! put it in a museam or whatever, just please do not box it up. i am begging you to leave it unfolded when you finish it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think i've made my point. just to reveiw- -love the idea -love the presentaion -my favorite thing ever -support you 100% -just please don't bo

Julia and Abby
Yoou came to our school yesterday (Frelinghuysen Middle School-November 19) and it was AMAZING!!!!!! after the assembly when I went back to my class we all had to just sit and process how extremely creative it was! we couldn't get it through our head!! We were so happy we were one of the lucky few who got to sign it!! when its all done we'll be able to say WE helped make the outcome!!!! well it was amazing!!

Emma Piascik
As a student at Frelinghuysen Middle School, I enjoyed your presentation. It was very interesting that you put many layers in each little square. I also enjoyed all of the music that you played! Thank you for coming to my school and sharing your wonderful work of art with me and my classmates.

Kyle Klaschka
I saw you today in the LCJSMS in Summit, NJ. I was mezmerized by the presentaion you gave to me. Literaly the second I got into my house I brought a picture of the signature projects on your website and told my mom everything. Including the eye on the dublin bridge. Thank you very much.

David Albert D'Agostino
Hi I was at your assembly for 6 grade today 11/19/10 and I though it was amazing!!!

Mateo Cardona
I saw the assembly at Frelinghuysen middle school. it was so awesome.

i saw his show 2 day in school it was crazy good am so happy i was part of it to. best show ever i wished it never ended

bryce simon
my name is bryce simon and i was at your performance in frelinghuysen middle school and for the first thing i loved your whole idea and performance. i want to know what was the name for the projector and the lighting system used in the preformance. for example, the hart and lights that you held in your hand and through around the room. i am asking you this because i want to see pricing because it looks awesome and i want to know where i can order or buy it. thank you if you can do this and thank you for coming to my school!!!! :)

Kristen Pruett
At school today (Frelinghuysen Middle School, New Jersey)i watched this presentation and i was amazed. Patrick made everything come to life. the music and the pictures as well as the canvas panels blew me away. i was so honored to be a part of it by writing my name on one of the panels. The bits and pieces of everything he told us about really came together to have it all make sense. I was astonished at how he used ultra-violet lights and the morse code to incorporate his father and the music written by his brother. this truly was the best presentation i have EVER seen and i can't thank Patrick Dunnings enough for coming to my school and showing me a true meaning of life!

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