The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Christine Duggan
Hi There! My son Joseph is a student at Woodmere school in Eatontown and saw your show today. He can't stop talking about you and your project. I LOVE that he can be so inspired by an artist. Thank you!

cindy hansen
I am sending an email regarding payment for your assembly on 3/19/2010. I spoke to our Accounting department and they need to receive an original invoice for payment for services. Please send the invoice to: Mr. David George Acct. Everett School District PO Box 2098 Everett WA 98213 I tried to locate an email address and this is all I found.

ann kane
How can I purchase the cd listed in your store? My students are still talking about the assembly and I'd like to bring your music into our writing class. thanks! AK

charlotte vitale

charlotte vitale
hi i saw you when you came to holland brook school. i thought you were awesome. where did you come up with these things? like the eye or the whole signature project? my uncle is an artist and i bet he couldnt have thought of what u are doing? is there any way to sign it at all? and can i go on youtube or something to look up your brothers awesome and or loving irish music. i am irish to and i always love listening to your brothers music. SEND REQWEST BACK PLEASE!!!!!!! LOVE, charlotte

I'm from Mountain View Middle School, the school you visited on April 16, 2010. I loved all the work you are doing and was wondering if you could send me a picture of the Ha'penny Bridge eye thing you did? Thank you, and I loved your presentation.

Susan Buckholz
Phenomenal! I am the art teacher at Mountain View Middle School. Yours was the best assembly we've had here! All the students were inspired in some way.

Mrs. Buck's 7A-3 ART CLASS
We just got to art class after the assembly and LOVED IT! Matt: presentation was awesome Brad: Life changing :) Gabe: heart stopping :O P.J: That was very unique Matt: It was amazing how many elements you put into the artwork Ashley: The effects were did you do that??? The way you made the light appear on your hand was really cool. It must have taken you a long time to figure out how to play that really old instrument. I loved the show!

This project seems so cool! To have 300,000 ssinatures in a painting is amazing.

Jodi Rehrig
The amount of research, thought and talent that has gone into this project is mind blowing! You are the epitome of an out of the box thinker and you're truly a genius! Thank you for giving me the honor of signing the project.

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