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Sean Lee
I saw you today at my school today, Reed Intermediate, Newtown. You were awesome. That is a assembaly I can just see over and over again. Even before I moved to Newtown, we thought we were going to live in Avon, and went to Roaring brook school in Avon, and I saw you perform there too! Thank you for coming to our school! Sean Lee,11

Nancy Anderson
My son David just came home from the Reed School school and said it was the coolest assembly he has ever seen..Good luck on the Signature Project! 10/29/09

Olivia Gilmartin
Dear Patrick Dunning- After 3 years learning at Oaks School #3 inOcenside, that was the best one show yet.

Hey Patrick It is Mackenzie.. I am from Union School in Rutherford and I think it is really cool with what you did with the bridge in Ireland ! AWESOME

Alyssa Molina 4LG
Hi! You went to my school today and I love the program was great,awesome and cool! I hope you see me again soon!

barbara reuther
Patrick, It was great meeting to you today and experiencing your visionary project.If you would like to view our website the organization's site and the arts education portion programs are at Please do consider our showcase, we present on the stage of the Shakespeare Theatre at Drew University and school reps from 11 NJ Counties attend to preview and book programs. If this won't work and you would simply like to be placed on our website and in our mailed out program guide,I will be happy to do that. All best - Barbara

Dylan Pogust
i saw you today at moorestown friends, and that was possibly the best assembly in the entire time i have been going. some people complained it "wasn't real" but they failed to see the big picture of what you were saying.

Aliya Williams
hi again! -Aliya Williams, 7th grade

Ive never seen something this AWESOME! im a student of moorestown friends school and the assembly/presentation on this today blew me AWAY!!! I wish i could have signed it though... Oh well! :)

Andrew Gargiulo
I was at C.R.Applegate school and i enjoyed your show very much.rock on!

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