The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Hello my name is Brianna and u went to clinton school i wish my name was in your project it would mean the world to me if u put my name plz plz plz plz thx

Emma and Carlie Trybom
WE are twins and we go to school at Warrwnsburg Latham Elemantry school. WE loved you show it was awesome. it was the best thing that we have ever seen. WE think that every single person in the world should be able to see this.

i am samantha from warrensburg elementry school. i loved your production.hope it comes out right.

kayli an hayley
i love your work

Whitney M. remember me? WL middle school
Your artwork is amazing! Thankyou so much for letting me sign your piece, and for signing my card. If you want to see my mom's art, go to Again, your artwork is amazing!

Ali Econie
Dear Mr. Dunning, The Presentation you gave at Warrensburg-Latham Middle School (the school I attend) was spectacular and moving. Your artwork was brilliant and creative, using all the different elements of art, music, and technology. I could hardly conceive the genius of the entire presentation. There was so much love and inspiration and dedication all wrapped into one hour! Your visit to the school I attend really made a big impression on me, and I am very, very grateful that you are willing to share your gift. Thanks again for all you gave. Yours truly, Ali Econie

Kaitlin Garner
Hello, today you came to our school, (Warrensburg-Latham Middle School) And you were amazziiinnnggg!!!!! And at the end of today i am hopefully going to sign the big poster thing! I am so excited and you are awesome! :]

hey Patrick Dunning,you visited my school,Clinton Elementary, the other day and it was amazing!!!! I'm very interested in art too, can you maybe mail me some tips on computers too, love, Sophie in 3rd grade, Ms.Izzolino's class

Great show Today!!!!! I loved the combination of technology, music and art. Also incorporating the human side into your work, thru all the signatures, is a beautiful idea. Thank-you!

marguerite scandiffio
When i picked up my daughter at The Clinton School today, she was so excited about your project. She saw it today at Assembly and said that it was the "best Assembly in the history of Assemblies!!" Thank you for sharing such a wonderful gift.

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