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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Julie Hanford
I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by your unique and incredible presentation shown to the students at "Kids Create" in Monroe, WASH, March 22, 2003! What an amazing masterpiece you are creating! Thank you for sharing your giftings and talents and inspiring others in their creativity! I'm dying to see your presentation again to just absorb it all as much as I can!! I'm still at shock as to the creativity involved and how you are bringing the stories of so many people together in your work! Thank you! It's truly a gift to the world!

Ben Hamming
I saw your presentation when you visited Lynded Middle School, and my mother and brother saw it that night at Ison Elementary school. We all thought that it was incredible, the way you could put so many things all in one painting. My grandmother was not able to see it, because she was on vacation, but would like to know if you will ever do a presentaion near Lynden Washington, or Burnaby B.C in Canada. I hope that you are able to finish your project.

Madai Montes
I think your ideas are awesome! Please come to show us your project again here in American Falls! Oh and I want to sign the poster tooooooooooo!

Spencer Hargiss
I am seventeen, live in Cranford, New Jersey, and saw your presentation at the Union County Vocational Technical High School (where I study commercial art) and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it, and admired the intricate web of interconnectedness woven throughout. I was impressed by your incorporation of the Theremin, an instrument which I have been practicing for some time. (I can even play a simple melody so that some people—my aunt that is—can recognize it. Usually not on tune, but I’m still trying). After the show many people asked me about the Theremin, and I played a tuneless silence in the air for both of them. I am glad that someone else has heard of the the instrument. Only one music store had one, and in that store only one employee knew what it was. I admired your use of phosphorescent paint. (I did a similar thing on the walls in my house when I was very young, but my parents were not amused. They washed it off. To this day I don’t know why—visitors to our house

Cathy Nottingham
Patrick, My 1st graders at St. Stephen the Martyr in Omaha, Nebraska thought that you rocked! What an awesome experience! I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to be part of something so huge! Thanks! Cathy

Hi. I am an 8th graderfrom Nativity Parish School in Kansas. You came to our school today. It was really cool how you could put all that life and hidden meaning in one picture. From the music and your dads picutre in morse code, to the image in the ultraviolet paint and the picture itself and the Celtic Knot and the dance steps in morse code. I think it's really neat that you have people signing it. The picture of the eye on the bridge and because it was in Ireland made me think of the song "When Irish Eyes are Smiling." I am Irish, so it was neat to see everything and know what you were taliking about. My grandma and I are going to make the Soda Bread tonight when I am done with my homework. Thanks so much for coming! It was really neat!

Sandy Mullins
Your show is the most unique I have ever seen, it was enjoyed very much. Would love to see Ireland, one day!

Rachael Anderson
This is by far the neatest thing I've ever seen. I was able to go with a group of school kids and saw this and I thought it was a brilliant idea.Thanks for Bringing it to Miami Patrick it was truly unique.This is a wonderful expression of self and of use of all the technology avalible to us today. Thanks Again Patrick

Rick Kilcup
Patrick, I'm a teacher at Phantom Lake El, in Bellevue, Washington. You did an assembly for us today. WOW!! This is my 30th year in the profession and I have never seen a more powerful presentation! My poor wife, I went on about the assembly for about 40 minutes when I got home. She had a hard time "seeing" it in her head...and our computer won't open the picture of the project! I've walked by you at the Puyallup fair at least time I'm stopping! Our daughter is an art major at George Fox, out in Newberg, Oregon. I've got to tell her to get on line and see if she can check it out! Thanks....from one Irishman to another...well, at least a part name used to be McKilcup, before the potatoe famine and the migrtion to the states! Best wishes! Rick Kilcup

Scott Fullmer
Dear Patrick, I was so profoundly moved by your presentation at Ririe High School today! Thank you very much for sharing your remarkable vision with us and allowing us to be a part of something truly phenominal. I showed the postcard to my three-year-old son, Caleb, as soon as I got home. Several hours later, I was telling my wife about your presentation. Caleb was just playing around the room as we were talking, but when I brought up your website, he pointed at the monitor and exclaimed, "That's the picture!" So it touches people who haven't even seen it yet. There are reverberations in my soul about the significance of what you are creating that I partially understand, but don't yet fully comprehend. Whatever it is brings to mind the line from "Gladiator": "What a man does in this life echoes in eternity." Thank you for creating the Signature Project, which I feel is already echoing in eternity, and will continue to do so. Thank you!

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