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Nick Schwartz
Hey Patrick, that was a very sweet show that u had here at the kiski and i found that your artwork was unique and very meaningful. The fact that you added the september 11th peoples names was very touching.

Reggie Donahue
The presentation was wonderful! My son and daughter both enjoyed it. You are an amazing artist. Thanks for letting me purchase your first poster. Reggie

Kaitlan Ducken
I saw your show on October 29th 2002 at Bay View School In a assembly, and I have to say it was Terrific!! Most assemblies that I have seen have never got my attention as much as this one!! Your work is beautiful. I never got to sign my signature but my mom did or as you called her the music teacher She also thought it was great. Thank you so much for coming!!!!1 :)

Judy Kikhia
Dear Mr. Dunning, Thank you for coming to Ellis school.I really enjoyed the assembly you gave us. I thought it was the best assembly I ever saw.

Sharon Fitz
Patrick- I thoroughly enjoyed your performance and presentation. I'd gladly give up my teaching space anytime for such a work of art as yours. Being a Harley owner, I especially enjoyed "your motorcycle ride". I wish for you a safe and happy journey as you travel the country. May your days not always be filled with one fast food place after another (spoil yourself with a good meal every now and again.) Thanks for coming to Laurelhurst Elem. Ride on! Sharon (aka: Ms. Fitz)

Amy ford
I absolutely loved your show. It is the best show that Terrace Heights has ever had. You have a good taste in art. You should show it to a LOT of people because you just have a wonderful gift of art.You are very talented.I wanted to see your show a thousand times. You made my smile even bigger that day. I think what you do is wonderful. I would like to see your show again. Sincerely, Amy Ford Age 8 2nd Grade

Mikinzie Hourlland (8 yrs old)
I love your art work. I think you are very talented and nice. In this stressful time in our world, you seem to bring a bit of peace and love to everyone you touch. My heart is happy to have been able to sign my name and be part of it all. Thank-you and may God Bless! Mikinzie Hourlland

Bree Feguson
Patrick- your presetation was fabulous!!!!!! I was realy touched by it. I hope some day I could have a dream as cool as yours! I hope i get to see the finished prodect. This morning was a wonderful opporyunity for me. I love your hometown and hope to go see it again sometime. Thank you SOOOOOO much for sharing your creativity and dream with us! Your show was the best i ever saw! I found myself wondering about every person in the world and what it would be like to travel around doing a project like yours. Thanks

Dear Patrick,I loved your show. I saw it about 2 or 3 weeks ago at UCTVHS in Scotch Plains,NJ.The show was breath taking and amazing. During the whole show i thought to my self how cool it would be to sign my name and be forever in something so great. When u said all the presidents and vice- presidents get to sign it, i was thrilled because i'm Freshman Pres. I also loved the music section because I'm into music too, I play the bass clarinet so i could read those notes on that one board. It was so touching to me. I really hope you get to put it somewhere millions of people can look at it very day. I think it's great what your doing, keep up the good work and i'm glad i got to be a small part of it.

Kendra Huff
I had a great time at the presentation today. Mr. Patrick Dunning came to my school today and I got to witness the beautiful artwork. I especially enjoyed it because I was one of the few students chosen to sign the great artwork. It was a great experience!!

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