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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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john marden
I love your creation! It is the best! I was part of your audience when you came to the winthrop middle school! From, John in Winthrop, Massachusetts

Hi. This is Joseph from Granger Elementary School in Feeding Hills, MA. I'm a second grader and I really loved your show today, October 20, 2004. My favorite part of the show was when you showed us those hidden music notes. Thank you for coming to our school.

hi Patrick you just came to our school yesturday and i thought this whole project was very interesting and my dream would be to be able to sign one of the squares i would be honored if you ased me bye bye love your favorite fan

olivia cipriani
I saw your program at Granger school and I really, really enjoyed it. I came home and told my whole family...very cool! Thank you for sharing

jake mckinnon
dear patrick dunning, I liked your show. your cat is cool I liked the music and your picture.also the eye ball thing under the bridge. I thought that it was fasinating that the picture was made out of words. i just thought your whole assembly was cooooooooooooooooooooooool!

Evita Moody
Your show was great. your art was very nice and I hope to see it again. Your performance was great too. I like the music and the other things you did. i'm sorry that you spend most of your time on the road but i think it's worth it because you did super. oh, yeah your pictures were good to expecily the eye thing. the motorcycle and the police thing was realy intersting and funny. You did great. I have to adimt. Have a great time. T

Maggie C.
I love the project you are doing.I love art.I can't wait till it's finished!Your brother plays the flute really great.I wish i could sign my name,but i wasn't picked.Thanks for coming to our school.

samantha gonzalez
hey pat!i loved your performent you did at White Brook middle school!!!!!!than you sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *byez* p.s. i think the painting of your father waz awsome!!

Alexandra Torrey
hiya! my names Alex Torrey from white brook middle school, i really enjoyed your show. it affected me deeply, and i really wish i could sign my name on there. you are such a great artist, i would love if we could keep in contact and talk every once in a while through internet. from, Alex Torrey 8th grade, WBMS

Dear patrick. my name is kendall and am a student at wmbs. and i loved you performance. Its very creative so i was wondering when the dvd is coming out cause i like to buy it can you please email me witht the answer thanks......Kendall Lavertu

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