The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Hi! This is Sarah from Morrison Elementry. I love your artwork.I bet it took a couple of years to do that art!I got my friend, Erika next to me. She said that she likes your art.We both wanted to say Yooooooo!!!Hope you write back!!! Sarah And Erika :) P.S. You are sooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely LOVED it when you came. It was amazing. I was laughing and crying. I wish I could've signed it. Thank you for coming and sharing you wonderful project. The best show I've ever seen! ~Hannah (14) Burroughs High School Ridgecreset, Ca

Ron Haywood
Wonderful assembly at Conway School last week. I took my 6th grade classroom to experience your art. Your presentation stimulated my thinking about how to spruce up my multimedia in the classroom. The integration is inspiring. Your transitions by morphing faces of children really hits home how similar we really are and our connectedness.

Hi Patick I Loved Your Show It was aswome!

Well you came to my school in 2003in miami oklahoma,and you told us alot about it and I think its amazing,really I do!!!!!!well thanks for listening!:)

Sam-Conway School
Your show was realy inspiring. thanks for coming to Conway school.Please write back.

Natasha Grant
Hi... You just came to my school on St. Patricks Day. My school is Monroe Junior High School. I just wanted to say that your idea is the greatest!! I thought that it was so interesting. Well good luck!

I loved your show. That Irish music made me think of the irish in me. I'm really bummed that I didn't get to sign your work. I wanted to be a peice of art you know. Anyways Great Show -chelsie

Tay Lange
hey patrick i go to conway elementary school. Im in the 6th grade, and i really enjoyed your show, thank you alot for presenting the signature project to our school

MacKenzie Moore
I thought your show was amazing you have helped me learn that life is amazing,great.I thought that you were giving such I big hand when you put the people who died in the wourld trade center problem that made almost start to cry.Your fan, MacKenzie Moore

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