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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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i just e-mailed you i would like a pic of you and your cat i love cats so much and i loved your show so much it was so cool well if you can please send it to the school thank you brittney

hey i relly liked your show at hillside and i am from ierland also i dont know what part but yea so i go to go thank you for doing that play

Kalie Bylund
I liked your esembly!(espesially your cat!) I'm wondering if you will actually read this?!.... I don't know why im writing to you, but it seemed like a good idea. If your wondering im from Hilside Middle School.I forgot your cats name.Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gerardo Samayoa
Hey patrick I'm from Hillside Middle School in California, I thought it was really a great asambely the one you had on my school I think your a genius,well I'm going to let you go please email me back, thank. sinceraly Geardo

Remember when you went to hillside middle school,I was there and I really liked your music of the blues

Emily McGrath
hi, i thought what your doing is great. I love how u do the work and make such kool things out of each square. i hope to see or hear from you soon. P.S. i love the part w/ the music and sound affects and when you called your brother!

Hey I'm really excited about what you are trying to complete. Also i love your brothers music its really soothing!! I was also wondering why didn't the kids sighn the project? I was just wondering could you please put my name in there , i really don't care if you put it i just want my name in there!? So please e-mail me Thank you

Nick Miller
hey patrick, Today i saw what you were creating about all the signatures and what it goes into....i thought it was really cool and i enjoyed watching it and what you and your bro did from the blues was tight....How long have you been playing??It would be really cool to see that thing when it is done which is going to be in 12 years i believe is what i heard.Thank you for everything that you did today and all that art,music,and really cool things that you did.

Thomas Laney
Nice presentation.

Trevor Krabbe
I enjoyed your presentation. I truely enjoyed how you creativly connected those different types of media together. I have a small request. Could you please put my name on it? I have never been a part of something amazing such as this, and if you did this for me, I would be eternally grateful.

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